What The Leaves Said Questions & Answers

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What The Leaves Said Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Shadow – shade
  • Gay – cheerful
  • Russet – reddish-brown
  • Stretching – expand
  • Scarlet – red in colour

Question 1: What do leaves do in spring?

Answer: In spring, the leaves open themselves completely and stretch over every branch of tree.

Question 2: In which season do birds make nests in the trees?

Answer: Birds make nests in the trees in summer season.

Question 3: How did the leaves look in autumn?

Answer: In autumn, the leaves look scarlet and golden in colour.

Question 4: What do the words scarlet, golden and russet suggest?

Answer: These words suggest that the leaves are getting old and that is why their colour is changing. And, this may be the time to fall on the ground.

Question 5: Why are the leaves described as lying down to sleep in winter?

Answer: The leaves are described as lying down to sleep in winter because they get detached from the tree thereby symbolizing death.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. ‘It’s summer;
Each bird has a nest;
We make the shadow
Where they can rest.’

(a) Who is speaking these words?

Answer: Leaves are speaking these words.

(b) Which season is being talked of?

Answer: Summer season is being talked of.

(c) What do ‘they’ do for the nest?

Answer: They provide shade for the nest of the birds. They make shadows for the nest.

2. The leaves said, ‘It’s winter,
Weary are we.’
So they lay down and slept
Under the tree.

(a) How did the leaves feel in winter?

Answer: In winter, the leaves felt weary.

(b) What did they do?

Answer: They laid down and slept under the tree.

(c) What does ‘slept under the tree’ mean?

Answer: ‘Slept under the tree’ means that the leaves have fallen from the tree.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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