Why the Sea is Salty Questions & Answers

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Why the Sea is Salty Questions & Answers

Question 1: What does John ask Peter for and why?

Answer: John asks Peter for some food to eat for lunch on Christmas Eve.

Question 2: Why does everyone in Dead Man’s Hall want the meat?

Answer: Everyone at the Dead Man’s Hall wants to buy the meat because meat is rarely found there.

Question 3: How many times does Peter give John money?

Answer: Peter gave money to John twice. Peter gives a total of six hundred silver pieces.

Question 4: What made visitors stop to look at John’s new house?

Answer: Many visitors came to John’s new house to see the golden house and the wonderful, magical mill.

Question 5: Why is the sea salty (according to the story?

Answer: According to the story, the sea is salty because the captain who started grinding the mill for salt did not know how to work the mill. Hence, there was an overflow of salt which got deposited in the sea.

Question 6: Read this line and then answer the questions:

1. …he wasn’t very glad to see his face.

(a) Who wasn’t glad?

Answer: Peter wasn’t glad.

(b) Why wasn’t he glad?

Answer: Peter wasn’t glad because he knew that John had come to ask for money or some other help from him.

(c) What happens next?

Answer: Peter gives John a piece of meat and asks him to go to the Dead Man’s Hall.

2. Yes. It can grind anything.

(a) Who says these words and to whom?

Answer: The old carpenter standing by the gate of the Dead Man’s Hall says the given words to John.

(b) What is he referring to?

Answer: He is referring to a magical mill that can grind anything that the owner of the mill asks for.

(c) What does the listener want it to make?

Answer: The listener, John, wants it to make lights, tablecloth, meat, and several other things that were nice for Christmas.

Question 7: Can you find words from the story to use in the blanks?

(a) The poor brother had no meat to have on Christmas Day.
(b) ‘I will grind this meat for that mill-stone.’
(c) The rich brother became spiteful and wild when he saw his brother’s wealth.
(d) The man’s new house was much better than his brother’s.

So, these were Why the Sea is Salty Questions & Answers.

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