Wishes Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Wishes Questions & Answers.

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Wishes Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Queer – strange
  • Squirm – wriggle
  • Squeal – a sharp cry
  • Meal – food
  • Grief – sorrow
  • Patch – area of land

Question 1: Complete the following sentences in own words.

1. The first chick wished that it could find a fat little worm.
2. The second chick was looking for some nice yellow meal.
3. The third chick wanted a little green leaf.
4. The hen said that if the chickens wanted any breakfast, they should scratch the garden patch.

Question 2: Are the following statements true or false? Rewrite the false ones correctly.

1. The second chick mode a funny movement with its body – False
Correct Sentence – It made a sharp little squeal.

2. The hen wished a fat worm – False
Correct Sentence – She wanted the chicks to scratch the garden patch for their breakfast.

3. The third chick wanted some yellow meal – False
Correct Sentence – It wanted a little green leaf.

4. The second chick whispered softly that it wanted some meal – False
Correct Sentence – It squealed sharply.

5. The Mother warned the chicks to rest before they ate – False
Correct Sentence – She wanted them to learn to scratch.

6. The hen was looking for food the chicks – True

7. The hen wanted the chicks to look for their own food because she did not want them to be dependent on her or others – True

8. The third chick was happy because it could not and a leaf – False
Correct Sentence – The chick was unhappy.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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