A Boy’s Love For A Sparrow Questions & Answers

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A Boy’s Love For A Sparrow Questions & Answers

Question 1: How did Hira Lal and his mother feel when they saw the other birds trying to save the trapped bird? Was there a difference between their feelings?

Answer: Hira Lal felt choked thinking that while the other little birds were trying to help the trapped bird, none of the humans were doing anything. His mother commented that she found it a strange sight. She didn’t seem to feel as strongly about it as Hira Lal. She seemed resigned to the bird’s fate.

Question 2:  For how long did the bird stay trapped in the power line? Who tried to save the bird? Who did not care about it?

Answer: The bird stayed trapped in the power line for nearly three days. While Hira Lal tried to save the bird, his parents did not care about it.

Question 3: Retell how the trapped bird was saved.

Answer: First, Hira Lal goes to the transmission station to request the officials to switch off the power for a little while. Later that night, the people from the transmission station come to rescue the bird. Finally, when Hira Lal tells them where exactly the bird is, it is freed.

Question 4:  What did the various characters in the story say, feel or do when they saw or learned of the trapped sparrow? In your own words, write what they said, felt or did.

Answer: Hira Lal felt awful seeing the little bird trapped in the wire. His mother felt compassion and pity for it but was unwilling to do anything to free it. His father was unconcerned about the fate of the bird. The other birds were concerned and tried to help free it. The engineer at the transmission station was moved by Hira Lal’s concern for the bird and organized to free it.

Question 5: Write one word that describes Hira Lal the best and why?

Answer: Hira Lal is thoughtful because he is the only one in the story who seems to care about the little bird. He not only feels bad for the bird but also tries to take some concrete steps to save it. He first tries to convince his parents to help him save the bird. When they don’t agree, he goes to the transmission station to request them to switch off the power to save the little bird. He cared about the pain and struggles of the sparrow.

Question 6:  Write the main idea of this story?

Answer: The main idea of the story is that humans have a moral responsibility towards animals since humans are the ones changing the natural environment that also belong to animals.

So, these were A Boy’s Love For A Sparrow Questions & Answers.

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