A Letter from A Father To His Daughter Questions & Answers

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A Letter from A Father To His Daughter Questions & Answers

Question 1: What did Indira mostly receive on her birthday?

Answer: Indira mostly received presents and good wishes on her birthday.

Question 2: Why did Jawaharlal Nehru choose to write this letter to Indira instead of sending her some gift on her 13th birthday?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru chose to write to his daughter because he was unable to send her any presents from the prison.

Question 3: What did Nehru dislike to do, as mentioned by him?

Answer: Nehru said he disliked sermonising or doling out advice.

Question 4: What had fascinated Indira, and what was her ambition?

Answer: The story of Joan of Arc had fascinated Indira and she wished to be something like her.

Question 5: In which way does history, according to Nehru, help simple and ordinary men and women?

Answer: History helps simple and ordinary men and women become interested in a great cause.

Question 6: What test does Nehru recommend to Indira to find out what is right and what is wrong in the event of any doubt?

Answer: Nehru tells her to decide what is right and wrong by never doing anything in secret or anything that she may wish to hide.

Question 7: Choose the correct option.

1. Jawaharlal Nehru wrote this letter to his daughter on her

(a) 10th birthday.
(b) 13th birthday.
(c) 12th birthday.
(d) 11th birthday.

2. Nehru decided to write this letter because

(a) he was with Bapuji.
(b) he was in the Naini Prison.
(c) he had to leave the country on an urgent mission.
(d) he would often write to Indira on her birthday instead of just giving her some gift.

3. Nehru did not like

(a) sermonising and giving advice to people.
(b) to do things in the darkness of night.
(c) disobedient and indisciplined children.
(d) the poor, the starving and the oppressed.

Question 8: What is the main quality of great leaders, according to Nehru?

Answer: According to Nehru, great leaders must have love and the quality of drawing out and inspiring a large number of people to work for a great cause.

Question 9: Why does Nehru recommend talking and discussing about a thing?

Answer: Nehru recommends talking and discussing about things because through that sometimes a little bit of truth comes out.

Question 10: How could the great leaders of India during its freedom movement inspire him and all to come out of their shells and become India’s soldiers?

Answer: The leaders of the freedom movement, particularly Gandhiji, gave love and a powerful message that inspired people to come out of their shells and become India’s soldiers.

Question 11: According to Nehru, what do we have to be India’s soldiers?

Answer: To be India’s soldiers, we must respect India’s honour.

Question 12: How does working in secret affect the work and conduct of a person, according to Nehru?

Answer: If you work in secret, then you are afraid and fear makes one bad and unworthy.

Question 13: What kind of a person did Nehru want his daughter, Indira to be, and with what vision?

Answer: Nehru wanted his daughter, Indira, to be brave especially in order to serve India. Therefore, he wished her to be a child of light, unafraid, serene and unruffled whatever happens.

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