My Elder Brother Questions & Answers

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My Elder Brother Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was the name of the elder brother?

Answer: The elder brother was named Woloda.

Question 2: What did the narrator envy so much in Woloda?

Answer: The narrator envied his brother’s happy large-heartedness.

Question 3: Which gesture did Woloda inherit from his father?

Answer: Woloda had inherited his father’s habit of jerking his shoulders.

Question 4: Choose the correct option.

1. The narrator was

(a) jealous of his elder brother.
(b) admirer of his brother’s behaviour.
(c) a victim of inferiority complex.
(d) biased against his brother.

2. Woloda was annoyed with the narrator because

(a) the narrator had told him a lie.
(b) the narrator had broken his scent bottle.
(c) the narrator had a fight with him.
(d) Woloda had lost a bet against the narrator

Question 5: Although the two brothers differed not much in age, why does the younger brother say that he was no comparison for his elder brother? Give at least two reasons for it.

Answer: Leo Tolstoy says that his brother was better than him at everything: at lessons, in arguments and in manners.

Question 6: Do you think Woloda was really proud as his younger brother thought?

Answer: No, Woloda was not really proud as his younger brother thought. He was actually large-hearted.

Question 7: What qualities of Woloda have been highlighted by the narrator?

Answer: Woloda’s large-heartedness and his capacity to be generous in relationships are highlighted by his brother.

Question 8: What made the narrator shed tears when his elder brother asked forgiveness for his behaviour?

Answer: The narrator shed tears because he realised that the fault lay with him, and it was he and not Woloda who should have apologised.

Question 9: Who was a better human being – the narrator or his elder brother? Give at least three reasons in support of your answer.

Answer: The narrator’s elder brother, Woloda was a better human being between the two. Leo was the one who behaved badly, breaking the scent bottle, then deliberately kicking the table and smashing all the other ornaments, and not apologising for any of it. Instead, he was rude to Woloda. Woloda forgave his brother and apologized extending a friendly hand to his naughty brother.

Question 10: What is the message of this story?

Answer: This story shows us two things – that people are more important than things; and that we must learn to value relationships.

Question 11: Which quality do you think is the most important in holding together a family? Give reasons for your answer.

Answer: I think the most important quality for holding a family together is large-heartedness – the capacity to apologise for one’s mistakes on the one hand, and the capacity to forgive on the other.

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