Tom Whitewashes The Fence Questions & Answers

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Tom Whitewashes The Fence Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Tom had a holiday on

(a) Friday.
(b) Wednesday.
(c) Saturday

2. Tom had a plan to go for a

(a) whitewash.
(b) swim.
(c) match

3. Tom had to whitewash the

(a) railing.
(b) ceiling.
(c) fence

4. Aunt Polly gave Tom

(a) an orange to eat.
(b) a pear to eat.
(c) an apple to eat.

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

1. Tom and his cousin Sid were having a holiday.
2. Jim was carrying a bucket to fetch water from the water pump.
3. A brilliant idea came to Tom’s mind.
4. Tom was very clever at getting what he wanted.
5. Aunt Polly was happy to see the fence looking so spotlessly white.
6. She couldn’t believe Tom had whitewashed the fence all by himself.

Question 3: What task was given to Tom by Aunt Polly?

Answer: Tom was given the task of whitewashing the fence by Aunt Polly.

Question 4: What clever idea came to Tom’s mind?

Answer: The clever idea that came to Tom’s mind was that he should pretend to enjoy his work.

Question 5: Why did Tom not pay any attention to Ben?

Answer: Tom did not pay attention to Ben, because he wanted to show that he loved his job.

Question 6: Why was there a look of pity on Ben’s face?

Answer: There was a look of pity on Ben’s face because he was going for a swim while Tom was working.

Question 7: What did Ben give Tom for letting him paint the fence?

Answer: Ben gave an apple to Tom for letting him paint the fence.

Question 8: What did Tom get before the afternoon was over?

Answer: Before the afternoon was over, Tom got twelve marbles, a tin soldier, a key, a dog’s collar, the handle of a knife and four segments of an orange.

Question 9: Why was Aunt Polly delighted?

Answer: Aunt Polly was delighted because the fence had been painted spotlessly white.

Question 10: What did Aunt Polly give to Tom?

Answer: Aunt Polly gave Tom a big apple to eat.

Question 11: How was Tom successful in getting others to do the work for him?

Answer: Tom was successful in getting others to do the work for him because he pretended to enjoy the work he was doing.

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