Divide and Eat Questions & Answers

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Divide and Eat Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The two brothers decided to leave their village

(a) so that they could live alone.
(b) to fight without disturbance.
(c) to earn money in the city.
(d) to learn to get along better.

2. When the traveller gave five silver coins,

(a) Ramesh and Suresh divided the money equally.
(b) Ramesh took two and gave Suresh three.
(c) Ramesh took four and gave one to Suresh.
(d) Ramesh took three and gave two to Suresh.

Question 2: How were the twins different?

Answer: The twins were different in the following way:

Ramesh was well built, cheerful and always ready to help those in need while Suresh was thin, quiet and a miser.

Question 3: Both the brothers agreed to share the food with the hungry traveller. What were their reasons?

Answer: Suresh agreed to share his food with the traveller because it would fetch him money. However, Ramesh agreed because he felt sorry for the stranger and wanted to help him.

Question 4: What was the clever bit of Maths that the second traveller used to settle the quarrel between the brothers?

Answer: The second traveller explained to them that they had a total of fifteen pieces of parathas with them. If these fifteen pieces were to be divided equally between three then, each one would get five pieces. From Ramesh’s three parathas, he had nine pieces out of which he gave five pieces to the stranger. From Suresh’s six pieces, he kept five pieces and gave one to the stranger. So, the stranger got four pieces from Ramesh and only one from Suresh. Therefore, Ramesh deserved four coins and Suresh only one.

Question 5: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “…..If you share your food with me. I will pay you for it.”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: The stranger said this to the brothers.

(b) Why did the speaker want them to share their food with him?

Answer: The speaker wanted them to share their food with him because he had lost his way and was hungry.

(c) Why did he offer to pay for the food?

Answer: He offered five silver coins for the food.

2. “I want my half-coin right now!”…

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Suresh said this to Ramesh.

(b) Why was the speaker demanding a half-coin?

Answer: The speaker was demanding a half-coin because he felt that since they had shared the food equally with the stranger, the money should also be divided equally.

(c) Did the other person have a half-coin at that moment?

Answer: No, the other person did not have a half-coin at that moment.

3. “If you want, I can work out exactly how much each one of you should get.”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: The second traveller said this to the brothers.

(b) Why did the brothers go to the speaker?

Answer: The brothers went to ask him for change.

(c) What did the speaker offer to do?

Answer: The speaker offered to work out on how much each of them should get.

Question 6: Was Suresh satisfied with the new division? If not, why did he agree to it?

Answer: No, Suresh was not satisfied with the new division. He agreed because both the brothers had earlier decided to share the coins exactly as the man said.

Question 7: Do you think the second traveller divided the money fairly? Give reasons.

Answer: Yes, the second traveller divided the money fairly. Ramesh had given a larger share so, he deserved a larger share of money.

Question 8: Do you think if Suresh had been content with what he had, he would have been in a better position? Why/Why not?

Answer: Yes, Suresh would have been in a better position. Had he been content with what was given to him earlier, he would have been richer by one more silver coin.

So, these were Divide and Eat Questions & Answers.

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