Birbal and The Washerman Questions & Answers

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Birbal and The Washerman Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was the announcement made in the town marketplace?

Answer: The announcement that was made in the town marketplace was that anyone stood throughout the night in the cold river, in front of the king’s palace, would be amply rewarded.

Question 2: Why didn’t Denu’s wife want him to accept the challenge?

Answer: Denu’s wife didn’t want him to accept the challenge as she felt that it would be risky.

Question 3: What was the opinion given by the courtier?

Answer: The courtier felt that the washerman was able to withstand the cold water because the palace lights kept him warm throughout the night.

Question 4: Why was Denu very happy in the end?

Answer: In the end Denu was happy as justice had been done to him.

Question 5: Who said these words to whom.

1. I have also heard the same.

Answer: These words were spoken by Birbal to Emperor Akbar.

2. …will be amply rewarded.

Answer: These words were addressed to the town people by the town crier.

3. I kept on praying for your safety the whole night.

Answer: These words were spoken by Kanchana to Denu.

4. Your Majesty, he is cooking…

Answer: These words were spoken to Akbar by a messenger.

Question 6: Why was Denu ready to accept the challenge? Give two reasons.

Answer: The two reasons that made Denu accept the challenge were:

1. He thought that the reward would help them to live well.
2. He felt nothing would happen to him as he was used to washing clothes in cold water every day.

Question 7: Why do you feel that Akbar took hasty decision?

Answer: Akbar took this decision in a hurry because he was convinced by the courtier’s point of view.

Question 8: How did Birbal make Akbar realise the injustice done to Denu?

Answer: Birbal placed a pot of food far above the fire and was waiting for it to get cooked. When Akbar saw this, he told Birbal that the food would not get cooked, if the pot was placed so far above the fire. In response to that Birbal pointed out to Akbar that in the same way, even the palace lights could not have kept Denu warm.

So, these were Birbal and The Washerman Questions & Answers.

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