Madame Air Wants A Change Questions & Answers

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Madame Air Wants A Change Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read the lines and answer the questios:

1. “You’re like Mr Sun, Sir Ocean and me.”

(a) Who spoke these words and to whom?

Answer: Mr Land spoke these words to Madame Air.

(b) In what way is the listener similar to the speaker, the Sun and the Ocean?

Answer: The listener, Madame Air is similar to the speaker, the Sun and the Ocean because they all are natural things and none of them can or should change too suddenly.

(c) What, according to the speaker, is the listener free to do whenever she wants?

Answer: According to the speaker, Madame Air is free to take a trip around the world whenever she wants.

2. “They must be stopped! They have got to be stopped!”

(a) Who said these words?

Answer: Madame Air said these words.

(b) Who has to be stopped and why?

Answer: The Man has to be stopped because by polluting the earth, man will kill Madame Air and himself and everything else on earth.

Question 3: Why was Madame Air fed up?

Answer: Madame Air was fed up of being the same old Madame Air ever since she was born.

Question 4: What advice did Sir Ocean give to Madame Air?

Answer: Sir Ocean told Madame Air that change for the sake of change is not good and advised her to go home and take rest.

Question 5: Why was Madame Air angry with Lord Volcano?

Answer: Madame Air was angry with Lord Volcano because he had spoilt her favourite dress with dirt and gases and also refused to change her.

Question 6: How did Lord Volcano’s ancestors create Madame Air?

Answer: Madame Air was created over millions of years when Lord Volcano’s ancestors spewed out dust and gases.

Question 7: What did Madame Air see in the city?

Answer: Madame Air saw a busy crossing crowded with people and vehicles. She also saw a huge chimney (factory).

Question 8: Why was Madame Air relieved when she returned home?

Answer: Madame Air was relieved when she returned home because she realized that that was not the change that she wanted. She understood that by making machines and factories, humans would change her and soon would kill her.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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