The Thief of Cathay Questions & Answers

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The Thief of Cathay Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Who slipped into the house?

(a) king.
(b) thief.
(c) merchant.

2. Where did the thief hid himself?

(a) on the roof of the hall.
(b) in the basement.
(c) behind the sofa.

3. Who served the thief while he ate?

(a) the servant.
(b) the rich man.
(c) rich man’s wife.

Question 2: Write True or False for the following sentences:

1. The thief planned to take away the gifts – True
2. The thief was hiding under the table – False
3. The thief refused to come down to eat food – False
4. The stranger brought a priceless gem as a gift – False
5. The thief became a good man because of the honourable man’s kindness – True

Question 3: Why was the thief hiding?

Answer: The thief was hiding because he wanted to steal the valuable items among the gifts that the rich man had received on his birthday. He hid on a beam in the roof of the great hall where a banquet was to be held in honour of the man. He took a note of where the gifts were put and was planning to steal them after the guests had departed and the family gone to sleep.

Question 4: How did the honourable man come to know that there was a thief hiding in his house?

Answer: After the guests took leave, and the servants had retired, the host had a look at some of the presents. As he leaned over, he turned his back to the thief hiding on the beam. The thief took a chance to look at the layout of the room so that he would be able to find his way once the lights were put out. And as he did so, he cast a shadow on the floor. After seeing the shadow, the honourable man came to know that there was a thief hiding in his house.

Question 5: Why did the thief come down?

Answer: After knowing that there was a thief in the house, the honourable man asked his servant to bring the choicest food and lay the table for one guest. When this was done, he dismissed the servant for the night. Then turning towards the beam on which the thief lay, and showing respect as to the noble guest, he asked him to come down and partake of refreshments. As there was nothing else, he could do, the thief came down.

Question 6: What brought about a change in thief’s life?

Answer: One act of kindness that the honourable man showed towards the thief had changed his life to one of righteousness and honour.

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