A Midsummer Night’s Dream Questions & Answers

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A Midsummer Night’s Dream Questions & Answers

Question 1: What was the strange law in Athens?

Answer: The strange law in Athens was that the girl had to marry according to her father’s wish. If she would not do so, she would have to live the life of nunnery or die.

Question 2: To whom Hermia’s father wanted her to marry?

Answer: Hermia’s father wanted her to marry to Demetrius.

Question 3: How much time did Duke give Hermia to think?

Answer: The Duke gave four days to Hermia to think.

Question 4: What plan did Lysander make to marry Hermia?

Answer: Lysander planned that Hermia should run to his aunt’s house that was away from the reach of the law. Then, later, he would go there and marry her.

Question 5: What would be Hermia’s fate if she refused to marry a man chosen by her father?

Answer: Hermia would have to live a life in the nunnery or die if she refused to marry a man chosen by her father.

Question 6: Whom did Hermia tell about her plan?

Answer: Hermia told about her plan to Helena.

Question 7: Why did Helena tell Demetrius about Hermia’s plan?

Answer: Helena realized that if Demetrius learnt that Hermia is going to the woods outside Athens, he would follow Hermia. Then, Helena too could follow Demetrius to the woods. So, she told Demetrius about Hermia’s plan.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Questions & Answers

Question 8: What were the woods of Athens full of?

Answer: The woods of Athens were full of fairies.

Question 9: Who were the king and queen of fairies?

Answer: Oberon was the king and Titania was the queen of the fairies.

Question 10: Why had Oberon and Titania quarreled with each other?

Answer: Oberon and Titania quarreled with each other over a little Indian boy. Titania had taken the boy as one of her followers but Oberon wanted the boy to be one of his fairy knights. The queen refused to give the boy to the king and this was the reason for their disagreement.

Question 11: What do you know about Puck?

Answer: Puck was a mischievous but the King’s favourite fairy who used to sneak into the dairies and steal the cream and get into the churn to prevent the formation of butter. He used to lead the people astray on dark nights and then mock them. He also used to topple people’s seats as they were about to sit down and spill their drinks over their chins as they were about to take a sip.

Question 12: What was the name of the flower that Oberon asked Puck to bring?

Answer: The name of the flower was ‘Love-in-idleness’.

Question 13: What was unusual or special about that purple flower?

Answer: The unusual or special about that flower was that if its juice is dropped on the eyes of those who are asleep, it will make them love the first thing they see when they wake up.

Question 14: What was Oberon’s plan that he discussed with Puck?

Answer: Oberon’s plan was to put the juice of that magic flower on Titania’s eyes so that when she wakes up, she will love the first thing that she sees – be it a lion, bear or wolf, a meddling monkey or a busy ape.

Question 15: Why did Oberon feel sorry for poor Helena?

Answer: Oberon felt sorry for Helena when he saw Demetrius denying his promises made to Helena.

Question 16: What orders did Oberon give to Puck?

Answer: Oberon ordered Puck to follow Demetrius and put some juice on his eyes so that when he wakes up, he would love Helena as much as she loved him.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Questions & Answers

Question 17: What blunder did Puck make?

Answer: Instead of Demetrius, Puck dropped the juice on Lysander’s eyes. On waking up, Lysander saw Helena first and fell in love with her.

Question 18: What did Oberon do when found that Puck has made a blunder?

Answer: Oberon himself went looking for Demetrius to put some juice on his eyes. Demetrius also saw Helena and fell in love with her. So, in the end, both Demetrius and Lysander were in love with Helena.

Question 19: Why did Hermia start quarreling with Helena?

Answer: When Hermia saw fighting Demetrius and Lysander over Helena, she started quarreling with Helena.

Question 20: What did Oberon tell Puck to make everything right?


What did Oberon ask Puck to do to prevent Lysander and Demetrius from fighting?

Answer: Oberon told Puck to cover the night with fog and lead the two young men away from each other so that they don’t fight. When they are exhausted, they will fall asleep and then, drop some juice on Lysander’s eyes so he will love Hermia again. In this way, each man will get the lady who loves him. They will all think that this had been only ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

Question 21: What did Oberon do with Titania?

Answer: Oberon dropped the juice on Titania’s eyes. When she woke up, the first thing she saw was donkey headed clown. So, she fell in love with that clown. While she was under the spell of enchantment, Oberon persuaded her to give him little Indian boy. But then, taking pity on her he dropped some disenchanting juice on her eyes. At once, Titania realized her foolishness. Oberon took the ass’s head off from the clown and left him asleep.

So, these were A Midsummer Night’s Dream Questions & Answers.

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