A New Religion Questions & Answers

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A New Religion Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Waterlogged – filled or soaked with water
  • Quagmire – an area of wet ground that you sink into
  • Styrofoam – a light white plastic used to make food container
  • Debris – scattered pieces of rubbish or remains
  • Clogged – blocked with thick wet matter
  • Wafted – to (cause to) move gently through the air
  • Jeered – made rude and mocking remarks
  • Trudged – walked slowly and with heavy steps
  • Feigning – pretending
  • Pangs – sudden sharp pain or painful emotion
  • Pilgrimages – journeys, especially a long one, made to some sacred places
  • Indignation – anger aroused by something perceived as unjust or mean
  • Despondently – feeling or showing profound hopelessness
  • Slurp – drink or eat with a loud sucking noise 

Question 1: What had caused blockage of the drain?

Answer: Polythene bags and Styrofoam cups debris had caused blockage of the drain.

Question 2: Why could Sneha not meet Ritu?

Answer: Sneha could not met Ritu because her bicycle was stolen.

Question 3: Who had asked Preksha to participate in the essay competition?

Answer: Preksha’s class teacher had asked her to participate in the essay competition.

Question 4: What do perfumes contain that harm the ozone layer?

Answer: Perfumes contain CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon) that harm the ozone layer.

Question 5: What did Sneha’s grandma remind her in the evening?

Answer: Sneha’s grandma reminded her about evening prayers.

Question 6: How does bike manufacture affect the environment? 

Answer: For manufacturing bike, ore for metal is to be dug that spoils the topsoil, refining ore gives off CO2, toxic colours are to be used and rubber for tyres use poisonous elements like sulphur. That is how, bike manufacture affects the environment.

Question 7: What did Grandma remind Sneha?

Answer: Grandma reminded Sneha that it was Friday and she had to fast.

Question 8: What will happen if religion could be combined with the protection of environment?

Answer: If religion could be combined with the protection of environment, then it would be an ideal discipline.

Question 9: Why do people fast on particular days?

Answer: People fast on particular days because fasting is a self-imposed discipline that helps us become better persons.

Question 10: What problems did Sneha face as she walked to her tuition?

Answer: When Sneha walked to her tuition, she had to negotiate many mud puddles and cow pats. A lorry swerved so near her that she had to jump plumb into a quagmire of mud and dung. Thick, black diesel fumes momentarily choked her.

Question 11: Why did Sneha feel that she had no chance of beating Preksha?

Answer: Sneha felt that she had no chance of beating Preksha as Preksha had a computer to write and check her spellings and a printer to print her essay.

Question 12: What was Sneha’s rules for a new religion?

Answer: Sneha’s rules for a new religion are:

1. The sun is our father because he gives us energy.
2. The earth is our mother because she sustains us.
3. Trees are our elder brothers and sisters who give us oxygen, food and shelter.
4. Animals are our younger brothers and sisters who also help us.
5. Thus, we must help and protect our family.

Question 13: ‘The whole society was to blame.’ What made Sneha feel so?

Answer: Sneha felt that the whole society was to blame because no one had any rules about preserving the environment. Cows were allowed on the city roads, lorry drivers drove smoky vehicles, industries emitted poisonous gases, nations used nuclear fuel and made toxic garbage. So, everyone was responsible for destroying the environment.

Question 14: Why did Sneha hug her friend with eyes full of tears?

Answer: Sneha hugged her friend with eyes full of tears because her friend (Preksha) had submitted Sneha’s essay, tearing her own.

Question 15: Complete the following sentences with words from the text:

(a) Everybody was forced to park his or her bike outside.
(b) Sneha thought fasting was a type of religious discipline.
(c) Diesel fumes momentarily choked her.
(d) Don’t use CFC perfume sprays.
(e) She had won the second prize of Rs 100.

Question 16: Match the following synonyms:

Column AColumn B
1. Preventa. surrounding
2. Griefb. stop
3. Environmentc. release
4. Pollutiond. sorrow
5. Emite. contamination
Answer: 1-b, 2-d, 3-a, 4-e, 5-c

So, these were A New Religion Questions & Answers.

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