A Pocket Full of Music Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share A Pocket Full of Music Questions & Answers.

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A Pocket Full of Music Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Which instrument did Bijju play?

(a) mouth organ
(b) piano
(c) morsing  
(d) guitar

2. What was the name of the boys’ mother?

(a) Bhagi Athai
(b) Rangiamma
(c) Rangiyamma
(d) Bhagirathi

3. Who was stricter than any policeman or teacher?

(a) the range forest officer
(b) Bhagi Athai
(c) Rangiamma
(d) Vijju

4. What kind of phobia did Bijju have?

(a) phobia of maths
(b) phobia of insects
(c) phobia of thunder
(d) phobia of science

5. Who came to the boys’ rescue?

(a) Rangiamma
(b) Bhagi Athai
(c) the range forest officer
(d) the grandmother

Question 2: What were the boys doing up a tree in the dead of night?

Answer: In the dead of night, on the branch of a tree, the boys were waiting for the rain to stop.

Question 3: What had happened to the boys’ mother?

Answer: The boys’ mother, Rangiamma had fallen ill on her visit to the boys’ old grandmother, who lived on the other side of the forest.

Question 4: What did the boys do to meet their mother?

Answer: To meet their mother, the boys came up with a clever plan of escaping. When Bhagi Athai got busy with her evening routine, the boys pretended that everything was normal and at lightning speed, they escaped from the backyards towards the forest.

Question 5: What did the range forest officer do on hearing the sound of morsing?

Answer: On hearing the sound of morsing, the range forest officer asked the boys to come down the tree. He took them to a small forest office which was a safe place for them. He then pushed the boys through the door and quickly shut it tight.

Question 6: How did Bijju’s music save the boys’ lives?

Answer: It was because Bijju’s music that the range forest officer came to look for the boys and took them to the safe place. Otherwise, the leopard would have killed them. That is how Bijju’s music save the boys’ lives.

Question 7: Comment on the title of the story. How appropriate is it?

Answer: Bijju was fond of music. He loved to play the morsing all the time – be it day or night. He used to carry it in his pocket always. It was because of this morsing which was in Bijju’s pocket that saved the boy’s lives as well. So, the title ‘A Pocket Full of Music’ is appropriate.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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