A Science Experiment Questions & Answers

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A Science Experiment Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Mrs Rao is

(a) a science teacher.
(b) an English teacher.

2. She liked to show the children

(a) how things grow.
(b) what they read in books.

3. She helped the children

(a) with their homework.
(b) do an experiment.

Question 2: What was Mrs Rao’s class going to learn?

Answer: Mrs Rao’s class going to learn about how plants grow.

Question 3: In how many pots did the children plant seeds?

Answer: The children planted seeds in four pots.

Question 4: What did Mrs Rao want to show the children?

Answer: Mrs Rao wanted to show the children how to plant a tree and take proper care of it. She wanted to show that seeds need good soil, water, air and sunlight to grow as a plant.

Question 5: Why did the Boy Scouts do what they did?

Answer: The Boy Scouts wanted to help Mrs Rao to grow the plants.

Question 6: Was the experiment a success?

Answer: Yes, the experiment was a success because the boys in their own way came to know about how to take proper care of a tree which was actually wanted by Mrs Rao.

Question 7: Fill in the blanks in the table:


Description of each potWhat the Boy Scouts did
Pot 1 had poor soil.They changed the soil.
Pot 2 was kept in a dark cupboard for a few days.They left the pot on the window sill.
Pot 3 was not given any water for a few days.They watered the plant.

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