Meet The Lions Questions & Answers

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Meet The Lions Questions & Answers

Question 1: Say whether these statements are true or false.

1. Lions live in the plains of Africa – True
2. They live in large groups – False
3. The lion is called the King of the Beasts – True
4. The lion is big and strong and has an orange mane – True
5. The lioness is smaller but more active – True

Question 2: Complete the table:


Big and strongSmaller but active than the lionBorn blind
Has orange maneHas no maneMale cubs start growing manes after ten to twelve months
Smooth yellow skinSame as the lionAt first skin is spotted or striped
Roars loudly By eighteen months they are quite large and begin to roar

Question 3: Describe a usual lion family. What is it called?

Answer: A usual lion family is made up of a lion, two or three lionesses and their cubs. A family of lions is called a pride.

Question 4: Why do you think the lion is called the King of Beasts?

Answer: The male lion is quite big and strong and that is why it is called the King of Beasts.

Question 5: What animals do lions usually hunt?

Answer: Lions usually hunt deer and zebras.

Question 6: What does the lioness teach her cubs?

Answer: The lioness teaches her cubs to hunt when they are young.

Question 7: When does a lion hunt cows and buffaloes?

Answer: When a lion becomes old, it hunts cows and buffaloes.

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