Walnuts and Pumpkins Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Walnuts and Pumpkins Questions & Answers.

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Walnuts and Pumpkins Questions & Answers

Question 1: Say whether these statements are true or false.

1. The man was going home after selling his goods – False
2. He stopped at midday to rest and have a meal – True
3. He sat down under a big, leafy tree – True
4. The tree was near a well – False
5. The man took a nap under the tree – False
6. He thought pumpkins should grow on a big, strong tree – True

Question 2: Why was the man going to the town?

Answer: The man was going to the town to sell some goods.

Question 3: Why did he feel tired?

Answer: He felt tired because it was a hot day and the man was carrying a heavy load.

Question 4: Where did he stop to rest?

Answer: He stopped to rest and sat under the shade of a big, leafy, walnut tree.

Question 5: What made him question God’s wisdom?

Answer: He saw big pumpkins hanging from weak vines and a big tree bearing small fruits like walnuts. This made him question God’s wisdom.

Question 6: Why did the man think pumpkins shouldn’t grow on vines?

Answer: The man thought that weak vines which can hardly carry their own weight are made to carry a heavy load like that of pumpkins. That is why he thought that pumpkins shouldn’t grow on vines.

Question 7: What happened to make him change his mind?

Answer: Just when the man was thinking that a big, strong tree should bear heavy vegetable like pumpkins, a walnut fell down from the tree. The man realized that if a pumpkin fell on him instead of a walnut, it would have surely broken his head.

Question 8: How was God’s plan better than that of man’s?

Answer: God made heavy load lie close to the ground and small ones hang above us. This is the wisdom of God who planned the world in the best possible manner.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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