The Purse of Gold Questions & Answers

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The Purse of Gold Questions & Answers

Question 1: Say whether these statements are true or false.

1. Wasim found a purse in the market – True
2. There were two hundred gold coins in the purse – False
3. The merchant offered a reward for the return of the purse – True
4. The merchant was an honest man – False
5. Wasim was an honest man – True

Question 2: Choose the correct option:

1. Wasim found a purse with ________

(a) gold coins in it.
(b) silver coins in it.

2. The purse that Wasim found belonged to ________

(a) the king
(b) a merchant

3. The judge decided that Wasim ________

(a) had to return the purse to the merchant.
(b) could keep the purse and the gold coins in it.

Question 3: Why did Wasim return the purse to the merchant?

Answer: Wasim returned the purse to the merchant as it was his purse and he announced to give a reward to anyone who would find it.

Question 4: What did the merchant say Wasim had done?

Answer: The merchant said that his purse had two hundred gold coins. The purse that Wasim brought had on hundred gold coins. He said that Wasim had stolen one hundred gold coins from his lost purse.

Question 5: What did the judge do?

Answer: The judge told the merchant that the purse he lost had two hundred gold coins. The one Wasim brought had one hundred gold coins and so it cannot be the purse he had lost.

Question 6: Do you think the judge’s action was fair? Give reasons.

Answer: Yes, the judge was fair because he listened to both the merchant and Wasim and he understood the false claims of the merchant.

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