Sister Moon Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Sister Moon Questions & Answers.

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Sister Moon Questions & Answers

Question 1: What does Paniram ask the sister moon for?

Answer: Paniram asks the sister moon for a needle.

Question 2: Why does Paniram want a needle?

Answer: Paniram wants a needle to sew a bag.

Question 3: Why does Paniram need a bag?

Answer: Paniram needs a bag to keep money in.

Question 4: Why does Paniram need money?

Answer: Paniram needs money to buy an elephant.

Question 5: What does Paniram ride on?

Answer: Paniram rides on an elephant.

Question 6: Where does Paniram go?

Answer: Paniram goes home.

Question 7: Who looks at Paniram again and again?

Answer: Passers-by look at Paniram again and again.

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