The Wolf and The Crane Questions & Answers

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The Wolf and The Crane Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The wolf had a

(a) bone in his throat.
(b) thorn in his throat.

2. Mrs Crane helped the wolf because

(a) she felt sorry for him.
(b) he offered her a reward.

3. Mrs Crane pulled out the bone

(a) wlth her beak.
(b) with her foot.

Question 2: Why did the wolf offer Mrs Crane a reward for helping him?

Answer: The wolf had a bone in his throat and it was hurting. He offered Mrs Crane a reward to pull out the bone from his throat.

Question 3: Did the wolf keep his promise?

Answer: No, the wolf did not keep his promise.

Question 4: What reward did he give Mrs Crane?

Answer: When Mrs Crane pulled the bone out and asked for her reward, the wolf snarled at her. He told Mrs Crane that she should be thankful that he did not bite her head when it was inside his mouth.

Question 5:

(a) Which of these words describe the wolf?

Answer: Clever, greedy, ungrateful.

(b) Which words describe the crane?

Answer: Simple, foolish.

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