A Train Station For A Student Questions & Answers

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A Train Station For A Student Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Went viral – was instantly shared all over the internet
  • Firm – a company
  • Remote – far away from places where people live
  • Acclaimed – praised publicly
  • Long-term investment – something on which you spend money to make it successful
  • Accolades – great praise by many people
  • Redundant – no longer useful
  • Exemplary – providing a good example for people to follow
  • Tweeted – sent a public message using the site Twitter
  • Profit-oriented world – a world in which people do things only to make money
  • Obsolete – no longer used because something better is available

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. According to all three reports, people on social media appreciated Hokkaido Railway Co. for________.

a. encouraging girl children.
b. popularizing public transport.
c. supporting education.
d. keeping the service operational.

2. Which of these is the main point discussed in all three reports?

a. People in rural Japan are not using the railway service anymore.
b. A railway company in Japan kept a service running to help one schoolgirl.
c. Japan is facing a major crisis in its ageing and declining population.
d. Many stations in remote areas are being shut down.

3. The population crisis that Japan faces is one of_______.

a. vacant housing and shrinking workforce.
b. migration to cities.
c. loss of commuters and lesser use of stations.
d. a shrinking population.

Question 2: Why did Hokkaido Railway Co. keep Kyu-Shirataki station open even though there were hardly any passengers using it?

Answer: Hokkaido Railway Co. kept Kyū-Shirataki station open only for a girl student named Kana Harada so that she could continue to take a train from that station for completing her high-schooling. The station stayed operational till she completed her studies.

Question 3: Why did the CCTV News report go viral?

Answer: The CCTV News report went viral because Hokkaido Railway Co. kept the station open specially for one single student.

Question 4: Why are train stations closing down in Japan?

Answer: Train stations are closing down in Japan because people are moving from the countryside to the urban areas, making rail services increasingly redundant.

So, these were A Train Station For A Student Questions & Answers.

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