Dr Goray and the Giggling Ghost Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Dr Goray and The Giggling Ghost Questions & Answers.

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Dr Goray and The Giggling Ghost Questions & Answers

Question 1: Number these sentences in correct order:


…3…This made him very upset and almost drove him mad.
…1…Dr Goray kept hearing someone giggling near the water fountain.
…8…Then he flung himself on the door and it flew open.
…4…He started doing crazy things.
…5…He declared he would find the giggling ghost and “splatch” it.
…7…That door was stuck and as he tried to open it, the giggling got louder.
…9…Dr Goray fell into the next room and discovered the giggling ghost.
…6…Completely confused, he tried opening a second door to get out of his room.
…10…It was the air in a half-open tap that was making the giggling sound.
…2…He could not make out who it was at all.

Question 2: Read and answer the questions:

All afternoon he tried pulling the door open…..

(a) What happened right before this?

Answer: Right before this, Dr Goray threatened to immobilize the giggling ghost and returned absent-mindedly to his room. He had then turned to go back out of the room but had tried opening the wrong door.

(b) Why did he want to open the door?

Answer: He wanted to open the door because he did not want to let the ghost annoy him by jamming the door and preventing him from going outside.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:

The hospital was buzzing.

(a) What does the buzzing refer to?

Answer: The buzzing refers to the constant whispered conversations that the hospital staff were having. They were discussing the possibility of a ghost in the hospital.

(b) What set off the buzzing?

Answer: The employees began talking like this after they heard Dr Goray’s outburst about a poltergeist being in the hospital.

Question 4: Read and answer the questions:

…….he was speechless at what he saw.

(a) What did Dr Goray see?

Answer: Dr Goray saw where the ‘giggling’ sound was coming from. He realized that the giggling ghost was just an old, dry, half-open tap that gave out a khi-khi-khikhi sound.

(b) What does ‘speechless’ mean here?

Answer: Speechless refers to the reaction that Dr Goray had when he realized the cause of the giggling was a half open tap in the washroom.

Question 5: Read and answer the questions:

But he was too relieved to care.

(a) Why was Dr Goray relieved?

Answer: Dr Goray was relieved because he had found the cause of the problem that was distracting him and had found a solution to fix it.

(b) What did he not care about?

Answer: Dr Goray did not care that all the postage stamps in his letter-tray flew up and were floating all around his room.

Question 6: How was Dr Goray affected when he could not identify the source of giggling?

Answer: When Dr Goray could not identify the source of the giggling, he became increasingly frustrated and distracted. He began to do absent-minded things at work such as placing the thermometer in a patient’s pocket instead of under his tongue.

Question 7: How did Dr Goray finally manage to open the door?

Answer: After trying all afternoon to pull the door open, he finally threw himself against the door. The door suddenly flew open with a blast.

Question 8: Who or what was Dr Goray’s poltergeist?

Answer: Dr Goray’s poltergeist was an old, dry, half-opened tap. The air in it was making the khi-khi-khi-khi sound.

So, these were Dr Goray and The Giggling Ghost Questions & Answers.

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