A Trip of Memories Questions & Answers

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A Trip of Memories Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Rushed – moved with great speed
  • Reached – arrived at
  • Hired – took for rent
  • Curves – turnings
  • Breeze – a gentle wind
  • Spread – extend or distribute
  • Climate – weather at certain time
  • Thrill – a sudden excitement
  • Attraction – interesting place to see
  • Translate – change from one language to another
  • Composed – set music for a song
  • Occasionally – now and then

Question 1: What are the means of transport that Hemanth’s family used to go to Horsley Hills?

Answer: Hemanth’s family used an auto, a train and a car to go to Horsley Hills.

Question 2: What is the reason for the cool weather of Horsley Hills? Guess.

Answer: Horsley Hills is located at 1290 m height above the sea level which results in decrease in temperature. The whole area is covered with green trees and dense bushes. So, these are the reasons for the cool weather of Horsley Hills.

Question 3: Why is Horsley Hills called the ‘Ooty of Andhra Pradesh’?

Answer: Ooty is the famous hill station of Tamil Nadu and Horsley Hills just like Ooty presents a beautiful scenic beauty so, it is called the ‘Ooty of Andhra Pradesh’.

Question 4: What are the places that the family visited during their trip?

Answer: The family visited Horsley Hills, Gali Banda, Eastern and Western view points, Mini-zoo and Madanapalle during their trip.

Question 5: What is the importance of Madanapalle with regard to our National Anthem?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore translated Jana gana mana, our National Anthem, from Bengali to English at Madanapalle. And at this very place, Mrs. Margaret Cousins, a British woman, composed a tune for our National Anthem. Jana gana mana was first sung at the courtyard in Madanapalle.

Question 6: Write True or False:

1. Harsha and members of his family planned to visit Horsley Hills – True
2. All the family members went to Vijayawada Railway Station by car – False
3. The journey on the ghat road was exciting with many curves – True
4. They all enjoyed the joyful ride onto the hills – True
5. Horsley Hills is totally covered with green trees and colourful flowers – True
6. The weather condition in summer is very hot in Horsley Hills – False
7. ‘Gali Banda’ is famous for strong winds – True
8. We see wild animals regularly in Horsley Hills – False
9. Rabindranath Tagore composed a tune for Jana gana mana – False
10. Rabindranath translated Jana gana mana from Bengali to English – True

So, these were A Trip of Memories Questions & Answers.

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