Three Butterflies Questions & Answers

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Three Butterflies Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Nectar – a sweet liquid produced by plants and collected by bees
  • Shelter – a place that protects one from bad weather
  • Pebbles – small stones
  • Dismay – a feeling of unhappiness and disappointment
  • Chased – ran after to catch

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

1. The butterflies lived in a garden.
2. Butterflies suck nectar from flowers.
3. The rain hit the butterflies like pebbles.
4. The sun was watching the butterflies from behind the clouds.

Question 2: How many butterflies were there? Where did they live?

Answer: There were three butterflies (white, red and yellow) who lived in a garden. They were friends.

Question 3: What do the butterflies used to do?

Answer: The butterflies used to play and dance together. They also flew together and sucked nectar from the flowers.

Question 4: What happened when the butterflies were playing in the garden?

Answer: When the butterflies were playing in the garden, it suddenly grew dark and a cold wind blew.

Question 5: Why did the butterflies find difficult to fly?

Answer: The butterflies found it difficult to fly because suddenly it started raining and they got wet in the rain.

Question 6: What was Sunflower’s reply?

Answer: The sunflower replied that its favourite butterflies were the red and yellow ones so, it could allow them to stay with it till it stops raining. However, it couldn’t let the white one stay.

Question 7: What was the white butterfly’s reply to lily?

Answer: The white butterfly replied that it won’t stay with the lily because it could not send away its friends in dismay.

Question 8: Who was watching the butterflies from behind the clouds?

Answer: The sun was watching the butterflies from behind the clouds.

Question 9: How did the sun help the butterflies?

Answer: The sun waspleased to see the love and care among the butterflies. So, he chased the clouds away and it stopped raining. The sun dried the butterflies’ wings and that is how it helped the butterflies.

So, these were Three Butterflies Questions & Answers.

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