The Magic Fish Questions & Answers

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The Magic Fish Questions & Answers

Word Galaxy

  • Strange – unusual
  • pop up – appear suddenly
  • Palace – royal/official residence
  • Storm – a violent weather with strong winds
  • Throne – royal seat

Question 1: Who was Abhiram?

Answer: Abhiram was a fisherman.

Question 2: A strange thing happened one day. What was it?

Answer: One day, Abhiram caught a big golden fish in his net. When he took the fish out of water, the fish began to speak.

Question 3: What did the fish say to Abhiram when he caught it? What did Abhiram do then?

Answer: The fish requested Abhiram to let it go. Abhiram being a kind man let the fish go.

Question 4: How did his wife respond when he went home empty-handed?

Answer: Abhiram’s wife was greedy and unkind. Seeing him coming empty-handed, she got angry and told him to go back to the sea and call that magic fish. She told him to ask the fish to grant them a big house with a huge garden.

Question 5: What was the second wish that Abhiram asked for? Did the fish grant that wish or not?

Answer: Abhiram asked for a palace the second time. Yes, the fish granted that wish. When Abhiram went back, he saw a beautiful palace in place of a big house.

Question 6: Was Abhiram’s wife happy with the palace she was living in?

Answer: No, it was not enough for her. She wanted to be the ruler of the sea.”

Question 7: What was the reaction of the fish when Abhiram asked for the last wish?

Answer: The golden fish did not utter a word in answer. It just showed its tail, and disappeared into the depths of the sea. Knowing that the last wish would make the fish a slave to the wife’s desires, the golden fish cured her greed by returning her little hut.

Question 8: Did the golden fish fulfill all the wishes of Abhiram’s wife? Why?

Answer: No, the golden fish did not fulfill all the wishes of Abhiram’s wife. This is because she was greedy and to cure her greed, the fish returned her little hut.

Question 9: What is the moral of the story?

Answer: The moral of the story is that we should not be greedy. The greed makes us do wrong or unethical things. We should fulfil our desires by doing hard work and using honest means.

Question 10: Complete the passage using the words given below:
Golden, requested, wife, fishing, go, hut

Abhiram lived with his wife in a little hut near the sea. Every day he went for fishing. One day he caught a big golden fish in his net. The golden fish requested him to put it back into the sea. Then he let the fish go into the sea.

Question 11: Who said these dialogues and to whom?

1. “O fisherman, please let me go.”

Answer: Golden fish said to Abhiram.

2. “Foolish man! Why did you let the fish go?

Answer: Abhiram’s wife said this to Abhiram.

3. “Are you happy, now?”

Answer: Abhiram said this to his wife.

4. Go Back home, your wish is granted.

Answer: Golden fish said this to Abhiram.

5. Go to the fish at once.

Answer: Abhiram’s wife said this to Abhiram.

So, these were The Magic Fish Questions & Answers.

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