Abandoned Dog Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Abandoned Dog Questions & Answers.

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Abandoned Dog Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Then like a streak they sped. What does ‘like a streak’ imply?

(a) in a zig-zag manner
(b) very slowly
(c) extremely quickly
(d) in a crazy manner

2. Why did the little dog run after the car?

(a) It thought the men intended to play with it.
(b) It was sad at the thought of parting with its masters.
(c) It wanted some exercise.
(d) It was hungry

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. And as along the way I strode
I thought that it was dead:

(a) What did the poet see? How was the pup treated by its masters?

Answer: The poet saw the dog lying seemingly dead. The pup was likely mistreated by its masters.

(b) What did the pup do then?

Answer: The pup, initially thought dead, rose and raced to catch up with its masters.

(c) What misunderstanding did the dog have? What are your feelings about the dog?

Answer: The dog misunderstood the situation, thinking the car chase was a game. My feelings about the dog include sympathy for its innocence.

(d) What did the men do when the dog was chasing the car?

Answer: The men sped away, leaving the dog behind.

2. I found it prone upon the way
Of life was little token.

(a) What is meant by ‘of life was little token’?

Answer: ‘Of life was little token’ suggests that the dog’s life was in danger or had little value.

(b) What caused tile dog to reach this condition?

Answer: The dog’s condition was likely caused by the strenuous attempt to catch up with the car.

(c) What did the poet assume about the dog’s condition? What did the dog do next?

Answer: The poet assumed the dog’s heart was broken and found the dog seeking comfort by licking the poet’s hand.

(d) What did the poet do?

Answer: The poet gently took the dog and brought it home.

Question 3: What message does the poem convey?

Answer: The poem conveys a message about human cruelty contrasted with the loyalty, innocence, and resilience of dogs.

Question 4: What kind of a person is the poet?

Answer: The poet appears compassionate and caring, showing concern for the abandoned and mistreated dog.

Question 5: How is the behaviour of the dog contrasted with the behaviour of its masters?

Answer: The dog’s loyalty, innocence, and eagerness to love contrast sharply with the cruelty and indifference of its masters who abandoned it on the road.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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