Aesop Questions & Answers

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Aesop Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Fables are short stories, usually about animals which _______ like human beings. (dress/talk)

Answer: Talk

2. One mouse suggested that a ________ be hung around the cat’s neck. (bell/gong)

Answer: bell

3. Most of them agreed that it was a ______ plan. (wise/good)

Answer: good

4. There is another story about a fox who saw juicy ________ growing on a vine and wanted to eat them. (lychees/grapes)

Answer: grapes

Question 2: Where and when did Aesop live?

Answer: Aesop lived in Greece over 2500 years ago.

Question 3: Why did Xanthus ask the men what they could do?

Answer: Xanthus asked the men what they could do because he wanted a slave.

Question 4: What answer did Aesop give when he was asked what he could do?

Answer: Aesop said that the other men can do so much that there is nothing left for him to do.

Question 5: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “Will you be honest and faithful if I buy you?”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Xanthus said this to Aesop.

(b) Why did he want to buy someone who was honest and faithful?

Answer: Xanthus wanted an honest and faithful slave to do his work.

(c) What reply did the speaker get?

Answer: Aesop said that he would be honest and faithful whether or not Xanthus bought him.

2. “Did you ever hear of a bird in a cage promise to stay in it?”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Aesop said this to Xanthus.

(b) What did he mean by ‘a bird in a cage’?

Answer: He meant that like a bird who is caged is without freedom, he too is a slave with no freedom.

(c) Why do you think this question was asked instead of giving an answer?

Answer: Aesop wanted Xanthus to know that like any bird would fly out of a cage if given a chance, a slave too would escape if he got an opportunity.

3. “It is not possible to complete this task,”……“but I will show you how to not do it.”

(a) Who was the speaker?

Answer: Aesop is the speaker.

(b) What was the task and who had to perform it?

Answer: Xanthus had the task of drinking the whole sea.

(c) How could the task not be done?

Answer: Aesop helped Xanthus in not doing the task. Thus, Xanthus told the man who had dared him that he would drink up the whole sea, but not the rivers and streams that flow into it.

Question 6: Why did the two men want a rich master?

Answer: The two men wanted a rich master as then they would earn good money and also be respected amongst other slaves.

Question 7: Why was Xanthus pleased with Aesop’s answers and not with the other two men?

Answer: Xanthus was pleased with Aesop’s answers because Aesop was honest and brave.

Question 8: Why did Aesop pick up the basket of bread though it was the heaviest of the lot?

Answer: Aesop picked up the basket of bread though it was the heaviest of the lot because he knew that everybody would eat bread along the way and he would be eventually without any burden to carry.

Question 9: Do you think Aesop was happy being a slave to his master? How can you tell?

Answer: Aesop was happy being a slave to his master because he could be honest and his master also asked for and followed his advice.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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