How The Balloon Was Launched Questions & Answers

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How The Balloon Was Launched Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Dorothy was sad because

(a) her friends were happy.
(b) she hadn’t heard from Oz.
(c) she couldn’t get back to Kansas.

2. When Dorothy heard that Oz was also going with her, she felt

(a) surprised.
(b) excited.
(c) both a and b.

3. Oz was

(a) a real wizard
(b) not a wizard
(c) used to making balloons.

4. Dorothy couldn’t get into the balloon basket in time because

(a) she had gone looking for her little dog, Toto.
(b) she had suddenly decided she wouldn’t go to Kansas.
(c) she was scared of flying.

Question 2: What did Oz tell Dorothy when she entered the throne room?

Answer: Oz told Dorothy that he had found a way to get her out of the country.

Question 3: Why did Oz paint the inside of the balloon with a coat of thin glue?

Answer: Oz painted the inside of the balloon with a coat of thin glue to make it airtight.

Question 4: Where did Oz tell his people he was going?

Answer: Oz told his people that he was going to visit his great brother Wizard who lived in the clouds.

Question 5: Who would rule over the people of Oz while the wizard was gone?

Answer: The scarecrow was to rule over the people of Oz while the wizard was gone.

Question 6: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “And back to Kansas?”

(a) Who asked this question and to whom?

Answer: Dorothy asked this question to Oz.

(b) What had the person told her earlier?

Answer: Oz had told her that he had found a way to get her out of the country.

(c) What did this person say in reply to this question?

Answer: Oz said he was not sure where Kansas was.

2. “If it won’t float,”……”it will be of no use to us.”

(a) Who said this and to whom?

Answer: Dorothy said this to Oz.

(b) What was it and why wouldn’t it float?

Answer: It refers to the balloon. There was no gas to fill the balloon with to make it float.

(c) How could it be made to flow?

Answer: It could be made to flow if filled with hot air.

3. “Come, Dorothy!”….”Hurry up, or the balloon will fly away.”

(a) Who said this to Dorothy?

Answer: Oz said this to Dorothy.

(b) Why would the balloon fly away?

Answer: The balloon was full of hot air that made it lighter in weight than the air outside it. It was tugging hard at the rope that held it to the ground.

(c) Why was Dorothy late?

Answer: Dorothy was late because she could not find Toto.

Question 7: Why did Oz want to leave the country?

Answer: Oz wanted to leave the country because he was tired of being dishonest. He got bored inside the palace and he could not even go out because then people would get to know that he is not a real wizard.

Question 8: How did the balloon get filled with hot air?

Answer: Oz held the bottom of the balloon over fire to trap the hot air in the silken bag of the balloon.

Question 9: Dorothy was so eager to go to Kansas on that balloon. But she missed the chance. She wouldn’t leave without her dog Toto and went looking for him. What does this tell you about Dorothy?

Answer: Dorothy was eager to leave the country and go back to Kansas but she did not want to do it without Toto. This shows that Dorothy is caring and unselfish. She loved her dog Toto very much.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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