Choosing Their Names Questions & Answers

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Choosing Their Names Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. The poet’s cat has two kittens – False
2. She is an old cat – True
3. The tabby has emerald eyes – True
4. The poet is talking about how his cats look and behave – True

Question 2: Describe the tabby kitten’s tail.

Answer: The tabby kitten’s tail is long and slender.

Question 3: Whose feet have white fur?

Answer: Sootikin’s feet have white fur.

Question 4: With which animal does the poet compare the quarrelsome kitten’s fur?

Answer: The poet compares the quarrelsome kitten’s fur with the tortoise.

Question 5: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. “And into a temper she quickly flies.”

(a) Who flies into a temper?

Answer: Pepperpot or the tabby kitten flies into a temper.

(b) Why does she do so?

Answer: She does so because she does not like being offended.

2. “If you stroke her she carries her tail upright.”

(a) Which cat is the poet talking about in this line?

Answer: The poet is talking about Sootikin.

(b) Why do you think she carries her tail upright?

Answer: She carries her tail upright because she likes being stroked.

3. “He’s a quarrelsome one, ne’er doubt him.”

(a) Why does the poet call this cat quarrelsome?

Answer: The poet calls this cat quarrelsome because he becomes angry on being teased.

(b) What do you think he will do if you tease him?

Answer: He will attack us and scratch us if we tease him.

So, these were Questions & Answers.

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