Birds of A Feather Questions & Answers

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In the two poems – ‘The Grackle’, written by Ogden Nash and ‘Storks Fly North’, written by Tom Berman, the poets brought out different aspects of the two birds – the Grackle and the Stork. While one talks about the eccentricities of the bird in the loving jest, the other renders an ode to the beauty and grace of the stork.

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Birds of A Feather Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. The poet thinks that the grackle

(a) doesn’t have an ability to feel for others.
(b) is a sensitive bird and loves other birds.
(c) is a kind bird who never bullies.

2. The grackle

(a) never harms human beings.
(b) attacks if someone troubles him.
(c) is a shy bird.

3. In the evening, the sky is full of

(a) storks.
(b) grackles and storks.
(c) all kinds of birds.

4. The birds are flying to the northlands where

(a) their old nests are waiting for them.
(b) they will have to make their new homes.
(c) the rest of the birds are.

Question 2: How did the poet find the grackle’s voice?

Answer: The poet found the grackle’s voice to be harsh and squeaky.

Question 3: Why did the poet call the grackle’s heart black?

Answer: The grackle’s heart is mentioned as black as the bird is badly behaved and rude to other birds. It bullies other birds.

Question 4: How did the grackle bully attractive birds?

Answer: The grackle bullied attractive birds by behaving in rude manner and making rude sounds.

Question 5: Where were the storks flying to?

Answer: The storks were flying to the northern parts of the region.

Question 6: What awaited storks in the northlands?

Answer: Hope and old nests awaited the storks in the northlands.

Question 7: How did the storks fly?

Answer: The storks flew like smooth shiny tiny aircraft.

Question 8: Why did the poet call the grackle an ornithological debacle?

Answer: The poet called the grackle an ornithological debacle because the grackle’s voice is not melodious, it bullies other birds, and attacks humans.

Question 9: Do you think the poet hated the grackle? Why/Why not?

Answer: No, the poet didn’t hate the grackle. The tone of the poem is humourous and the poet the described the grackle’s behavior in a humorous tone.

Question 10: Although both the poets present the birds in completely different ways, do you think there is still some common elements between the two poems?

Answer: Yes, there are many common elements between the poems. Both the poets like the birds they are talking about, are fascinated by the world of birds, and describe the behavior of the birds in their own style.

So, these were Birds of A Feather Questions & Answers.

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