The Ant and The Cricket Questions & Answers

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The Ant and The Cricket Questions & Answers

Question 1: The cricket says, “Oh! what will become of me?” When does he say it, and why?

Answer: The cricket says these lines when he finds that winter has already arrived and there’s nothing in his cupboard in his home. It was the peak of winters that he could not find a single crumb on the snow-covered ground, neither he could see a flower or a leaf on the tree. The winter was growing strong and he had nothing to eat, the cricket was worried that how will he survive and will die of starvation.

Question 2: Find in the poem the lines that mean the same as “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” (Shakespeare).

Answer: The line from the poem that means the same as “Neither a borrower nor a lender be” was “But we ants never borrow; we ants never lend.”

Question 3: What is your opinion of the ant’s principles?

Answer: The ant’s principle teaches us that we must always save something for the tough times. We should work extra hard during comfortable times as those are the days when our little extra effort will give us more which we can save for the harsher times in future. By doing this we might not get in the situation where we have to borrow from anybody.

Question 4: The ant tells the cricket to “dance the winter away”. Do you think the word ‘dance’ is appropriate here? If so, why?

Answer: When the cricket went to ant for help in terms of food and shelter, the ant surprisingly asked the cricket about his work and savings during the summer when the sun was bright. The cricket replied boldly that he danced and sing and enjoyed the summers when the sun was bright. In response to this the ant asks the cricket to dance away the winters the same we he enjoyed and danced in the summers. The word ‘dance’ is used to relate two different situations or weathers. By using the word dance, ant meant that when you did not bother to work in summers and save for winters, in the same manner you should not be worried in winters. The cricket should enjoy and dance in the winters the same way as he did in summers and should not bother the ant for food and shelter.

Question 5: Which lines in the poem express the poet’s comment?

Answer: The lines in the poem that express the poet’s comment are, “Folks call this a fable. I’ll warrant it true”.

Question 6: Write the comment in your own words.

Answer: People are of the opinion that this story of the cricket and the ant is imaginary or a fable with a moral. However, I assume that the story carries a deep message. Some people are like cricket who live only in the present, they spend what they earn, and make merry. However, one should be like ant. One must be ready to go extra mile and extra efforts when he is young, energetic and can work for extra hours to get extra benefits. One must enjoy the life as well as save for harsher times and future. It is always better to be prepared for any adverse situation that may arise in future, else one may fall in a situation like cricket left with nothing and nobody to help around.

So, these were The Ant and The Cricket Questions & Answers.

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