Jalebis Questions & Answers

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Jalebis Questions & Answers

Question 1: Why didn’t he pay the school fees on the day he brought money to school?

Answer: He did not pay the school fees on the day he brought money to school as Master Ghulam Mohammed, was on leave and the fees was to be collected the next day.

Question 2: What were the coins ‘saying’ to him?

Answer: The coins in the boy’s pockets were in actual his inner voice or his desires that were urging him to buy hot and fresh jalebis.

Question 3: Do you think they were misguiding him?

Answer: Yes, the coins were misguiding him as the money was actually meant for paying school fees.

Question 4: Why didn’t he take the coins’ advice? Give two or three reasons.

Answer: The boy didn’t take the coins’ advice initially for the following reasons:

  • He was a good boy from a well to do family.
  • The money was meant for his school fess and funds and was wrong to spend on jalebis. If he did so, he won’t be able to face Master Ghulam Mohammed and after that to Allah Miyan at Qayamat.
  • He was also aware of the consequences of not depositing the school fees on time. This will annoy Master Ghulam Mohammed and he will make him stand on the bench till the last bell rings.

Question 5: What did the oldest coin tell him?

Answer: The oldest coin convinced the boy that buying jalebis today is for his own good. He can buy jalebis today with the fees money and tomorrow when he receives the scholarship money, he can pay the fees. Hence, there’s no harm in buying jalebis today and that he should not supress his desires for hot and fresh jalebis.

Question 6: Did he follow his advice? If not, why not?

Answer: No, the boy did not follow the coin’s advice initially because he was a promising student from a family of repute and buying jalebis from the money of school fees was not the right thing and might spoil the name of his family. Also, he aware of the consequences of not depositing the school fees on time. This will annoy Master Ghulam Mohammed and he will make him stand on the bench till the last bell rings.

Question 7: He reached home with the coins in his pocket. What happened then?

Answer: The coins in boy’s pocket kept persuading him even after he reached home. They began to shriek when the boy went inside to have lunch. Thoroughly fed up with this, the boy rushed out of the house barefoot and ran towards the bazaar. Unable to suppress his temptation and totally terrified, he told the halwai to weigh a whole rupee worth of jalebis quickly.

Question 8: Why didn’t he eat all the jalebis he had bought?

Answer: After having many jalebis his stomach was full and still there were many jalebis left. The quantity of jalebis was too much for him to finish all on his own.

Question 9: What did he do with the remaining jalebis?

Answer: He distributed the remaining jalebis to the boys from the neighbourhood who had assembled in the gali.

Jalebis Questions & Answers

Question 10: “The fear was killing me.” What was the fear?

Answer: The boy had eaten so many jalebis that digesting them became another matter of concern. With every breath came a burp, and with every burp, there was a fear of jalebi coming out. This was the fear that was killing him.

Question 11: “Children’s stomachs are like digestion machines.” What do you understand by that? Do you agree?

Answer: It meant that children have the capacity to digest a lot of things that they overeat. This is probably because of their physical activities like running around and playing games. Yes, I do agree with this statement.

Question 12: How did he plan to pay the fees the next day?

Answer: The boy planned to pay his fees the next day with the scholarship money, he was supposed to get on that day.

Question 13: When it is time to pay the fees, what does he do? How is he disobeying the elders by doing so?

Answer: When it was time to pay the fees, the boy tucked his bag under his arm and left the school. The elders had warned him that one must never eat sweets with one’s fees money, however, his bought jalebis from the money meant for school fees, in this way he disobeyed his elders.

Question 14: What was the consequence of buying jalebis with the fees money?

Answer: The ultimate consequence of buying jalebis with the fees money was that the boy had to stay absent from his school for the first time in his life.

Question 15: His prayer to God is like a lawyer’s defence of a bad case. Does he argue his case well? What are the points he makes?

Answer: The boy gave his best to please the God with his requests and recited verses from the entire namaz. He said that he even knew the last ten surats of the Quran by heart. He could also recite the entire ayat-al-kursi for the almighty right away. He deeply regretted his act of eating jalebis with the school fees money. He admitted that he made a grave mistake and also added that he wouldn’t have spent the fees money on jalebis if he was aware about the delay in scholarship this month. He also mentioned that he knew that there is no shortage of anything in God’s treasury, even the chaprasi at his place took a whole lot of money to his home every month. Furthermore, he stated that he was the nephew of a big officer and therefore, pleaded to God to give him just four rupees. Having said all this, he prayed earnestly to Allah Miyan and argued his case like a lawyer in front of Him.

Question 16: He offers to play a game with Allah Miyan. What is the game?

Answer: The game that he offered to play with Allah Miyan was that he would go up to the signal, touch it and return. In the meantime, God should secretly put four rupees under a big rock. Once he lifts it, he should be able to find those four rupees underneath the rock.

Question 17: Did he get four rupees by playing the game? What did he get to see under the rock?

Answer: No, he could not find any four rupees under the rock instead found a big hairy worm when he lifted the rock that curled, twisted and wriggled towards him.

Question 18: If God had granted his wish that day, what harm would it have caused him in later life?

Answer: If God had granted his wish that day, he would have never learnt a lesson from his mistake. He would have continued doing wrong deeds and would have built up a belief that God would always save him upon persuasion.

So, these were Jalebis Questions & Answers.

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