Fourteen – I Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Fourteen – I Questions & Answers.

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Fourteen – I Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Mrs Pringle had organized dinner for

(a) thirteen guests.
(b) fourteen guests.
(c) ten guests.

2. Mr Harper refused the dinner invite because

(a) of the terrible blizzard.
(b) his friend fell ill.
(c) his wife had the chicken-pox.

3. Mrs Pringle wanted her husband to sit at the head of the table because

(a) she thought it looked undignified when the man of the house is pushed to the side.
(b) she wanted her husband to have a conversation with everyone.
(c) she wanted him to deliver a speech.

4. Mrs Pringle wanted Elaine to sit next to

(a) Dunham
(b) Mr Conley
(c) Oliver Farnsworth

5. Mrs Pringle was glad that Jessica backed out as that would leave them with

(a) eight guests.
(b) fourteen guests.
(c) sixteen guests.

Question 2: Why was Mrs Pringle happy to know that the Cook was in a bad temper?

Answer: Mrs. Pringle was happy to know that the Cook was in a bad temper because she felt that the Cook cooked better when she had a temper.

Question 3: What trouble had Mr Harper put Mrs Pringle in?

Answer: Mrs. Pringle had to arrange for an extra person for dinner as she felt that having thirteen persons on a dinner table was inauspicious.

Question 4: What was wrong with just having twelve guests?

Answer: With twelve guests, Mr. Pringle would not be able to sit at the head of the table. Mrs. Pringle thought that it looked undignified when the man of the house is pushed to the side of the table.

Question 5: Why did Mrs Pringle agree to invite Mr Morgan?

Answer: Mr. Harper had called to say that he could not attend the dinner. Mrs. Pringle agreed to invite Mr. Morgan so that the number of guests could go back to fourteen.

Question 6: Did Mrs Pringle like Oliver Farnsworth? Why?

Answer: Mrs. Pringle liked Oliver Farnsworth because he was a millionaire.

Question 7: Why was Elaine distressed after calling Tuppers?

Answer: Elaine was distressed after calling Tuppers, as they accepted the invitation but mentioned that they had two house guests who would also be coming for the dinner with them. This increased the number of guests, to sixteen, and the preparation had been done only for fourteen guests.

Question 8: What solutions were given by Elaine and Mrs Pringle when sixteen people were on the guest list?

Answer: Mrs. Pringle asked the butler to inform the cook to open cans of soups and vegetables as the number of guests had increased to sixteen. For ice cream, Elaine mentioned that she would pretend that she does not like them and Mrs. Pringle would refuse ice cream by pretending that she was on a diet.

Question 9: Why was it important to make fresh place-cards and new diagram?

Answer: It was important to make fresh place-cards and a new diagram because the guest list had changed and the names of the new guests had to be added in place of the ones who were not coming.

Question 10: What do you think was Mrs Pringle’s main motive for hosting the dinner?

Answer: Mrs. Pringle’s main motive for hosting the dinner was to find a groom for her daughter.

Question 11: Do you think Elaine was scared of her mother? Give reasons by giving examples from the play.

Answer: Yes, Elaine was scared of her mother. Although Elaine didn’t want to be present for the dinner, her mother insisted that she did and she had to agree. Elaine also followed her mother’s orders to call up people who would come at the last moment’s invitation and ended up calling the Tuppers.

Question 12: Do you think Mrs Pringle was unnecessarily worried about the guest list? Why/why not?

Answer: Mrs. Pringle was unnecessarily worried about the guest list. She believed that having thirteen guests would be inauspicious and in order to avoid that number of guests, she created a lot of confusion for herself, her daughter, butler, and her cook.

So, these were Fourteen – I Questions & Answers.

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