Fourteen – II Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Fourteen – II Questions & Answers.

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Fourteen – II Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. Mr Oliver Farnsworth had to leave for Boston on very important business – True
2. Mrs Pringle was glad to know Mr Farnsworth was unable to attend the dinner party – False
3. Mrs Pringle wished Elaine to be more lively and confident – True
4. Mrs Pringle honestly wanted Mrs Tupper to bring along her house guests – True
5. Mrs Pringle advised Elaine to take a liking to the Prince of Wales – True

Question 2: According to Mrs Pringle, why did Oliver Farnsworth refuse the dinner invite?

Answer: Oliver Farnsworth refused the dinner invite because he had to leave for Boston on a very important business.

Question 3: I don’t know when I can give you a chance like that again! What chance was Mrs Pringle talking about and to whom?

Answer: Mrs. Pringle was talking about giving an opportunity to Elaine to sit next to the millionaire Oliver Farnsworth.

Question 4: Why was Mrs Pringle all exhausted and angry after the phone calls from Oliver’s secretary and the Tuppers?

Answer: Mrs. Pringle was exhausted and angry because her elaborate seating plan would have to be changed again. She had to organise seating for a haphazard crowd at the last minute, and she was not able to arrange a new seating plan that she was comfortable with.

Question 5: How did Mrs Pringle wish Elaine to be and why?

Answer: Mrs. Pringle wished Elaine to be confident, lively, and cheerful. She thought that if Elaine was confident and lively, Oliver would hear about her from other men and would want to meet her.

Question 6: When the Tuppers decided to bring only six of their family, what did Mrs Pringle decide to do with the seating plan?

Answer: When the Tuppers decided to bring only six of their family, Mrs. Pringle decided to change the seating plan to accommodate only twelve people.

Question 7: Who were the two gentlemen waiting in the lower hall?

Answer: The two gentlemen waiting in the lower hall were the Prince of Wales and his bodyguard.

Question 8: Mrs Pringle kept cursing the blizzard since the start. Why then did she thank God for the blizzard in the end?

Answer: Mrs. Pringle thanked God for the blizzard at the end because she was able to host the Prince of Wales in her house on that day.

Question 9: What did Mrs Pringle think about Oliver Farnsworth when he refused to attend the party? Did her opinion change eventually? What made her change her thoughts?

Answer: Mrs. Pringal didn’t think highly of Mr. Oliver as he refused to come for party. She thought he was rude and she would never speak to him again. Yes, she changed her opinion when she realized that Mr. Oliver had sent the prince for dinner, and she called him the most considerate of men.

So, these were Fourteen – II Questions & Answers.

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