Maryam Mirzakhani Leading The Way Questions & Answers

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Maryam Mirzakhani Leading The Way Questions & Answers

Question 1: Write True or False:

1. As a child, Maryam always wanted to become a mathematician – False
2. Maryam tackled the most difficult questions in her field with unshakeable determination – True
3. Maryam’s parents wished her to be a high achiever and extremely successful – False
4. Her older brother got Maryam interested in science – True
5. Maryam was allowed to attend a university in Iran – True
6. Curt McMullen was a great influence on Maryam – True
7. Maryam was a quick thinker and could solve problems in a jiffy – False
8. Maryam felt that the beauty of mathematics only shows itself to more patient followers – True

Question 2: What was Maryam’s reputation among mathematicians?

Answer: Maryam had a reputation among mathematicians for tackling the most difficult problems in her field with dogged persistence.

Question 3: What did Maryam dream of becoming as a child?

Answer: As a child, Maryam dreamt of becoming a writer.

Question 4: Write about the family Maryam grew up in.

Answer: Maryam grew up in a family with three siblings. She had supportive parents who encouraged their children to have meaningful and satisfying professions.

Question 5: How did Maryam discover her love for mathematics?

Answer: Maryam and her friend Roya attended maths problem-solving classes at school and were selected to be a part of the Iranian Maths Olympiad Team. She earned a gold medal as the Math Olympiad and this led her to discover her love for Mathematics.

Question 6: How was her life in Sharif University?

Answer: Maryam met many inspiring mathematicians and friends at Sharif University. She had problem-solving sessions and informal reading groups with her classmates.

Question 7: Talk about the differences between the mathematical education in Iran and in the US.

Answer: In Iran, students choose their major before going to college. In the US, the major is decided after the second year. In Iran, the admission to college is on the basis of a National Entrance Exam. In the US, the admission is on the basis of exams like SAT and ACT, student scores in high school, and evaluation of students’ statement of purpose and recommendation letter for the student by teachers.

Question 8: What challenges did the mathematician face when she entered Harvard?

Answer: In Harvard University, she had to learn many subjects, which most undergraduate students in the US already knew.

Question 9: Why was Maryam fascinated by Curt McMullen?

Answer: Maryam was fascinated by Curt McMullen because he could make things simple and elegant.

Question 10: According to Maryam, what was the most rewarding part in doing mathematics?

Answer: For Maryam, the most rewarding part in doing mathematics was the excitement of discovery and enjoyment of understanding something new. She called this the ‘Aha’ moment.

Question 11: How did the Clay Fellowship help Maryam?

Answer: Clay Fellowship gave Maryam the freedom to think about harder problems, travel freely and talk to other mathematicians.

Question 12: I am really not in a position to give advice; I usually use the career advice on Terry Tao’s web page for myself? What does this statement reflect about Maryam?

Answer: The statement shows that Maryam is a very humble, non-opinionated person, who does not hesitate to take good advice.

Question 13: Do you think Maryam’s achievements would have been the same without the support of her family and school principal? Why/Why not?

Answer: The support that Maryam got from her family and school principal was helpful in her achievement. Her parents encouraged her and her sibling to have meaningful and satisfying professions, but did not pressurise them for success. On the other hand, her school principal, a strong-willed lady, was willing to go a long way to provide Maryam and Roya the same opportunity as in the boys’ school.

So, these were Maryam Mirzakhani Leading The Way Questions & Answers.

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