Birds Questions & Answers

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Birds Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:

(a) The home of a bird is called its nest.
(b) The young ones of a bird are known as chicks.
(c) The sunbird’s beak helps it suck nectar from flowers.
(d) Birds have tiny holes on the beak through which they breathe.
(e) Flight feathers helps the birds to fly.
(f) The nest of a vulture looks like a shallow cup.
(g) The penguin lives in cold places.
(h) The woodpecker makes its nest in tree trunks.

Question 2: Match the following:

Column AColumn B
a. Parroti. Insects
b. Eagleii. Nuts and grains
c. Sparrowiii. Fruits
d. Duckiv. Flesh
e. Woodpeckerv. Tiny water animals
Answer: a- iii, b- iv, c- ii, d-v, e-i

Question 3: Name a bird of each type:

(a) Bird with long, thin beaks
Answer: Sunbird

(b) Perching bird
Answer: Sparrow and Crow

(c) Bird with thin, long legs and toes that are spread wide.
Answer: Cranes and herons

(d) Bird that cannot fly.
Answer: Ostrich

(e) Bird with long, slender and pointed beaks
Answer: Hummingbird and Hoopoe

Birds Questions & Answers

Question 4: Name three birds that have short and horny beak to crush hard nuts, grains and seeds.

Answer: Sparrows, pigeons and peacocks

Question 5: What type of beaks do parrots and parakeets have? Why?

Answer: Parrots and parakeets have short and curved beak to break nuts and bite hard fruits.

Question 6: What type of beaks do eagle, owl, hawk and kite have?

Answer: They have strong, sharp and hooked beak for tearing flesh of small animals.

Question 7: How is a hoopoe’s long slender beak useful?

Answer: Hoopoe’s long slender beak helps it to pull out insects from hiding place.

Question 8: A Sunbird has a sticky mouth and tongue and it flies with its beak open. Correct the underlined word.

Answer: A Swallow has a sticky mouth and tongue and it flies with its beak open.

Question 9: What does the shape of a bird’s beak depend on?

Answer: The size and shape of the beak depends on the type of food the bird eats.

Question 10: Why do birds build nests?

Answer: Birds build their nests to:
i. To lay and hatch their eggs.
ii. To protect their eggs and baby birds from enemies.
iii. To protect themselves from harsh weather and enemies.

Birds Questions & Answers

Question 11: Why does the duck have tiny holes in its beak?

Answer: When the duck scoops up muddy water in its beak with insects, worms and tiny aquatic plants, the muddy water flows out from the tiny holes leaving behind insects, worms and tiny plants inside the beak. 

Question 12: How does the boat-shaped body help the bird?

Answer: The boat-shaped body of the birds help them to fly through the air.

Question 13: Describe the beak of a humming bird.

Answer: Humming birds have long, slender and pointed beaks.

Question 14: Describe the beak of a parrot. How does it help the parrot?

Answer: Parrots have short and curved beaks. They help to crack seeds and nuts, bite on hard fruits, and grip the barks and branches while climbing.

Question 15: Give reason:

(a) Birds of prey have strong, sharp and hooked beaks.
Answer: Birds of prey have strong, sharp and hooked beaks to help them tear the flesh of the prey.

(b) Water birds have webbed feet.
Answer: Water birds have webbed feet to help them paddle and push water while swimming.

Question 16: What is the term used for the claws of an eagle? What does the eagle use its claws for?

Answer: The claws of an eagle are known as talons. The eagle uses its talons to grasp and tear the flesh of their prey.

Birds Questions & Answers

Question 17: What does a weaver bird use to make its nest? Describe the nest of a weaver bird.

Answer: The weaver bird uses twigs and grass to make its nest. The nest of a weaver bird looks like a bottle hanging upside down from a tree.

Question 18: How does the toes of a hen different from that of an eagle?

Answer: Hens have three toes in the front and one toe at the back. They have sharp and horn like claws to dig the ground. Birds such as the eagle have strong, sharp claws called talons. The talons help them to grasp and tear the flesh of their prey. 

Question 19: Answer the following in one sentence.

(a) What is upstroke?
Answer: The upward and forward movement of the wings is called an upstroke. 

(b) How do wings and feathers help the birds?
Answer: The wings and feathers help the birds to fly and also keep them warm. 

(c) How do birds keep their eggs warm?
Answer: The birds keep their eggs warm by sitting on them.

Question 20: Write true or false.

(a) Birds have external ears – False
(b) A sparrow sews its nest with its beak – False
(c) Penguin is a bird – True
(d) All birds have the same type of feet and claws – False

Birds Questions & Answers

Question 21: How are the feet and claws of the birds shaped?

Answer: The feet and claws of birds are shaped to suit their perching and food habits.

Question 22: Describe the toes of climbing birds.

Answer: Climbing birds have two toes pointing upwards and two downwards.

Question 23: Why do scratching birds like hens scratch the ground?

Answer: Scratching birds like hens scratch the ground in search of seeds and insects present in the soil.

Question 24: Describe the legs of the wading birds.

Answer: They have thin and long legs, with toes that spread wide.

Question 25: Name the bird to whom build the following nests:

(a) Nest with sticks and twigs
Answer: Eagle

(b) Hanging nest
Answer: Weaver bird

(c) Hole in a tree
Answer: Woodpecker

(d) Nest made by stitching leaves
Answer: Tailor bird

(e) Nest on the ground amidst tall grasses
Answer: Partridge

Question 26: What is hatching?

Answer: The eggs that are laid in the nest, break open after some days and baby birds come out. This is called hatching.

Question 27: Match the following:

Column AColumn B
a. A tailor birdi. makes a nest in the hole of tree trunk
b. A penguinii. makes a nest by sewing the leaves
c. A woodpeckeriii. makes a nest that looks like a shallow cup.
d. A vultureiv. makes a nest using pebbles.
Answer: a-ii, b-iv, c-i, d-iii

So, these were Birds Questions & Answers.

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