Land and Soil Objective Type Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Land and Soil Objective Type Questions & Answers.

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Land and Soil Objective Type Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

(a) Which of the following factors is not responsible for soil formation?

i. colour of rocks
ii. rainfall
iii. slope of land
iv. humus

(b) Which one of the following has high density of population?

i. thick forests
ii. marsh lands
iii. hot deserts
iv. river valleys

(c) Method used to collect water and prevent soil erosion on hill slopes.

i. shelter belts
ii. rock dams
iii. cover crops
iv. terrace farming

Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

(a) Soil exhaustion is deterioration of mineral nutrients in the soil.
(b) Land covers about 30% of the earth’s surface.
(c) Humus gives brown colour to the soil.
(d) Soil exhaustion happens because of human activities.

Question 3: Write true or false and correct the false statements.

(a) Soil is formed due to weathering of parent rock – True

(b) Land upon which we live is a biotic component – False
Correct statement: Land upon which we live is an abiotic component.

(c) Area that has fertile land is highly populated – True

(d) Rural land generally supports industrial activities – False
Correct statement: Rural land generally supports agricultural Activities.

Land and Soil Objective Type Questions & Answers

Question 4: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
i. Alluvial soila. cotton
ii. Regur Soilb. wheat, rice, pulses
iii. Red soilc. pasture and shrubs
iv. Laterite soild. oilseeds and millets
v. Mountain soile. bajra and jowar
vi. Desert soilf. tea, coffee, spices
Answer: i-b, ii-a, iii-d, iv-c, v-f, vi- e

Question 5: Name the following:

(a) A method of crop irrigation that involves slow passage of water to the roots of the plants.
Answer: Drip Irrigation

(b) Rows of tall trees planted around the farm to act as wind break and check soil erosion.
Answer: Shelter Belts

(c) Leaving land to lay unproductive for some time to allow it to replenish itself naturally.
Answer: Fallowing

(d) Heavy rainfall on a sloping land do not form channels but causes soil erosion.
Answer: Sheet erosion

Question 6: Name the following:

(a) Three types of weathering
Answer: Physical, chemical and biological

(b) Two farming practices of hilly areas.
Answer: Contour bunding and Terrace farming

(c) Farming practices that deal with growing of two or more crops.
Answer: Intercropping and crop rotation

(d) Two water-related farming practices that can be enforced to avoid soil erosion.
Answer: Drip irrigation and Plugging

Question 7: Match the columns:

Column AColumn B
i. terrace farminga. two or more crops are grown simultaneously
ii. crop rotationb. growing of different crops
iii. intercroppingc. choking of gullies with rocks
iv. strip croppingd. growing of different crops in different seasons
v. plugginge. practised in hills
Answer: i-e, ii-d, iii-a, iv-b, v-c

So, these were Land and Soil Objective Type Questions & Answers.

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