China Silk Questions & Answers

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China Silk Questions & Answers

Question 1: State True or False:

(a) The empress was very happy in the palace – False
(b) The empress missed her village very much – True
(c) The silk thread from the cocoons came out after being put in hot water – True
(d) Everyone could wear clothes made from silk – False
(e) The clever princess took the cocoons hidden in her heads – True

Question 2: Whom did the emperor see in the village? What did he decide?

Answer: The emperor saw a poor girl working in the field in the village. He decided to marry her.

Question 3: To which family did the poor girl belong?

Answer: The poor girl belonged to a weaver’s family.

Question 4: What did the emperor notice about her?

Answer: He noticed her red cheeks and rose bud like mouth, her proud bearing and her rough, work-worn hands which meant that she worked very hard.

Question 5: Why wasn’t the empress happy in her new home?

Answer: She had grown up in the wide-open spaces of the countryside and now she was confined to a palace. She was used to working from dawn to night without a moment’s rest, but now she had many servants to take care of her needs and did not know how to fill her time.

Question 6: What did she miss in her new life?

Answer: She missed her family and friends who exchanged news and gossip as they worked.

Question 7: Read and answer the questions:

Yet, she was sad.

(a) Who was sad?

Answer: The Queen (poor girl) was sad.

(b) Why was she sad?

Answer: She was sad because she missed her village.

(c) What did the emperor do to make her happy?

Answer: The emperor bought her grand clothes and jewels and artefacts. He threw elaborate parties and hired the best musicians of the land to make her happy.

Question 8: What happened one day when the empress was sitting under the mulberry tree?

Answer: One day, when the empress was sitting under the mulberry tree, a cocoon from the tree dropped into the hot water.

Question 9: What did the empress see coming out from the cocoon?

Answer: The empress saw some threads peeping out from the cocoon.

Question 10: Read and answer the questions:

Now the empress had a great idea.

(a) What was the great idea?

Answer: The great idea was that she would take the thread from many cocoons and weave soft and strange cloth from it.

(b) What happened next?

Answer: The manufacture of silk spread throughout China. It was the cloth that only royalty could wear and was much in demand in lands as far away as Rome.

(c) Was the empress happy now?

Answer: Yes, the empress was happy now.

Question 11: Who wove the first piece of cloth from the silk threads? What was special about this cloth?

Answer: The empress wove the first piece of cloth from the silk thread with the help of a special weaving machine. The special about this cloth was that it was very soft, shiny and strong.

Question 12: Who could wear clothes made of silk?

Answer: Only royalty could wear clothes made of silk.

Question 13: What was known as the Silk Route?

Answer: The route through which silk is traded between China and Europe through Asia was called the Silk Route.

Question 14: How did the knowledge of making silk leave China?

Answer: Many years ago, when a clever princess was leaving her house after her wedding, she hid the cocoons in her long elaborate hair do. At her husband’s house, she took out these cocoons from her hair and started gathering silk threads. In this way, the knowledge of silk making left China.

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