Chipko Takes Root Questions & Answers

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Chipko Takes Root Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option.

1. Dichi loses power in one leg because

(a) of a flash flood when she was crossing the river.
(b) of a landslide.
(c) she falls off a tree.

2. Gauri, the village elder, says that when Contractor Chand comes with his axemen, they all would

(a) call the forest rangers.
(b) go to the forest and hug the trees.
(c) beat up all those who try to cut the trees.

3. Contractor Chand gives orders to the uniformed axemen

(a) to shoot at the villagers.
(b) to mark the trees with a chalky white X.
(c) to carry away the children who hug the trees.

Question 2: Read the lines and answer the questions:

1. Dichi! Everyone’s at the meeting!

(a) Who says this to Dichi?

Answer: Dichi’s brother says this to her.

(b) What is the meeting about?

Answer: The meeting is about saving the trees in the forest from being cut down.

(c) Where is Dichi at this time?

Answer: She is sitting on her ash tree.

2. These forests bear timber, resin, and foreign exchange!

(a) Who makes this statement and to whom?

Answer: Contractor Chand says this to Dichi.

(b) What is the listener doing at this time?

Answer: She is hugging the tree.

(c) What is the speaker going to do to get timber and resin?

Answer: He is going to get the trees cut down and chopped.

3. I’m like you, strong and fierce like a yeti, sturdy as a yak.

(a) Who is the speaker? To whom is she/he speaking?

Answer: Dichi is the speaker. She says that to her ash tree.

(b) Who is ‘you’?

Answer: ‘You’ is the ash tree.

(c) Do you agree with the speaker? Why/Why not?

Answer: Yes, Dichi is really strong and determined. She saved the trees from getting cut down.

(d) Which literary device has been used in ‘like a yeti’?

Answer: Simile.

Question 3: Where are Dichi and Dada going? What happens to Dada?

Answer: Dichi and Dada are going to visit Dichi’s grandmother, who lives across the river. Dada drowns in a flash flood while crossing the river.

Question 4: Who wants to cut down the trees in the forest?

Answer: Contractor Chand and his company want to cut down the trees.

Question 5: How do the villagers usually stop the axemen from cutting down the trees? How do the children help the grown-ups?

Answer: The villagers walk into the forest chanting Chipko slogans and hug the trees. There is no violence. The children shout slogans and sing in chorus.

Question 6: Who tricks the menfolk of the village into going away and how?

Answer: Contractor Chand tricks the menfolk of the village by sending them to watch a film.

Question 7: Why do you think Contractor Chand calls Dichi a foolish girl? Is she really foolish?

Answer: Contractor Chand calls Dichi foolish because he thinks she doesn’t know that the forests bear timber, resin and foreign exchange. Besides, she destroys his evil plan.

No, she is not foolish because she knows the importance of trees, and fights to save them.

Question 8: Why do the axemen throw away their axes and go away?

Answer: The axemen go away because the women villagers don’t let them cut the trees and tell them how important trees are.

Question 9: What would have happened if Dichi had not seen Contractor Chand’s men?

Answer: If Dichi had not seen Contractor Chand’s men, they would have cut down the trees in the forest.

Question 10: Do you think Gauri, the village elder, or Dichi alone could have sent the axemen away?

Answer: No, it would not have been possible for a single person. All the women and children of the village worked together as a team to send the contractor and the axemen away.

Question 11: Complete the table.


CharacterTraitEvidence for the text
1. DichiCourageFaces the big and cruel contactor bravely
2. ChachaCaringTook care of Dichi like his own child
3. Contractor ChandSelfishWanted to cut the trees
4. GauriCourageousLet the Chipko movement bravely

So, these were Chipko Takes Root Questions & Answers.

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