Conquering Mount Everest Questions & Answers

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Conquering Mount Everest Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:

‘He hoped to make his fortune carrying loads of supplies for mountaineering expeditions.’

(a) Who is ‘he’ in these lines?

Answer: ‘He’ is Tenzing in these lines.

(b) Why was ‘he’ suitable to carry the loads?

Answer: ‘He’ was suitable to carry the loads because he was a Sherpa who have experience of living in high mountains and are proved to be excellent guides and mountaineers.

(c) Did ‘he’ make a fortune in the end?

Answer: Yes, he made a fortune in the end as he became the first man to climb the majestic Mount Everest.

Question 2: How do Sherpas help mountaineers?

Answer: Sherpas help mountaineers by carrying supplies and showing them the way up the mountains.

Question 3: How did Tenzing’s move to Darjeeling benefit him?

Answer: Tenzing’s move to Darjeeling benefited him to become a porter. Due to this, he accompanied a survey team on an expedition to Mount Everest in 1935 and in the next few years, he had taken part in more Everest expeditions than any other climber. Later, he became a sirdar or an organizer of porters.

Question 4: How did Tenzing get to learn so many languages?

Answer: Tenzing got to learn so many languages because being a Sherpa, he worked with so many different people from different parts of the world who came for climbing expeditions.

Question 5: How have Tenzing’s courage and heroism been honoured?

Answer: For his courage and heroism, Tenzing was awarded the British George Cross and the Star of Nepal.

Question 6: Why was Hillary fortunate to have the calm Tenzing by his side while climbing Everest?

Answer: Hillary was fortunate to have the calm Tenzing by his side while climbing Everest because Hillary lost his footing and nearly died. Tenzing held the rope line tightly and planted his axe firmly in the ice. That is how he helped Hillary and save his life.

Question 7: What do you think are the challenges faced by mountaineers? What skills and qualities does a good mountaineer have?

Answer: There are many challenges faced by mountaineers. One and most occurring problem is altitude sickness. The other problems include the avalanches falling ice, falling rocks and crevasse.

Being a good mountaineer takes a lot of practice, physical and mental strength, knowledge of terrains understanding of weather, such skills and qualities should have to face the challenges.

So, these were Conquering Mount Everest Questions & Answers.

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