Goose Chase Questions & Answers

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Goose Chase Questions & Answers

Question 1: Answer the questions with reference to the context:

‘The next few days, the four of them discussed plans in secret.’

1. Who does ‘the four of them’ refer to?

Answer: The four of them refers to the four girls – Bina, Vinita, Valerie and Nishi.

2. What plans did they discuss?

Answer: They discussed about stealing the four geese and hiding them somewhere for rescuing them.

3. Why did they discuss the plans in secret?

Answer: They discussed the plans in secret because they wanted their plan to put into action without informing to others so as to make their plans successful.

Question 2: What were the names of the geese and who were they named after?

Answer: The names of the geese were Columbus, Marco Polo, Captain Cook and Amundsen. They were named after famous explorers.

Question 3: Why did the girls want to hide the geese?

Answer: The girls wanted to hide the geese because they thought that the geese were going to die, the hostel cooks would kill them for Christmas feast.

Question 4: What excuse did Bina give for wearing an oversized blazer to school?

Answer: Bina gave excuse as the lady upstairs threw some water over the balcony and wet her blazer. Her mother asked her to wear that oversized blazer.

Question 5: What happened when the girls tried to capture the geese?

Answer: When the girls tried to capture the geese, Sister Steele lashed out with a sharp authoritarian voice from the doorway.

Question 6: What did Sister Steele tell the girls about the geese to comfort them?

Answer: Sister Steele comforted the girls by making them sure that the geese were not be killed and they were theirs to play with and look after.

Question 7: Do you think the girls were right in their plan to steal the geese?

Answer: No, the girls were not right in their plan to steal the geese because it was not an ethical way. It is better to search other ways which are morally right to save them.

So, these were Goose Chase Questions & Answers.

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