Cradle Song Stanza Wise Summary

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Cradle Song Stanza Wise Summary.

Written by Sarojini Naidu, the poem is a very gentle song used to lull a child to sleep. The poetess who is a mother uses ample beautiful images to help the child to visualize them thereby creating a calming effect on him and inducing sleep. In my previous posts, I have also shared the Stanza Wise Summary of the poems Bangle Sellers, Palanquin Bearers, Indian Weavers and Street Cries which are written by Sarojini Naidu only. So, make sure to check these posts as well.

Cradle Song Stanza Wise Summary

Cradle Song

Stanza – 1

“From groves of………………………..little lovely dream.”

In the first stanza, the mother prepares her child to dream about the beautiful things she talks about. She says that she gathers a lovely dream for her child in the form of a song from the fragrant spice groves (a group of trees). From there, she heads towards the rice fields and then to the stream full of lotus flowers which are glowing and glistening with dewdrops. The garden of spices is green, rice fields are golden and the stream of lotus flowers is pink and these places are quite attractive and create a visual effect. So, the mother wants her child to imagine these before falling asleep so that he sleeps well and has pleasant dreams.

Stanza – 2

“Sweet, shut your…………………………… little lovely dream.”

In the second stanza, the mother asks the child to close his eyes and imagine glow worms glowing in the dark and flying around the neem tree. Here, the neem tree is called as “the fairy neem” because Indians consider it to be a sacred plant that has medicinal properties as well.  The mother again says that she has stolen a lovely little dream from the poppy-bole which is a poppy plant having bright colourful flowers that induces sleep. This implies that the mother wants her child to be lost in these beautiful imaginations created by her and have a sound sleep.

Stanza – 3

“Dear eyes,.………………………. little lovely dream.”

In the last stanza, the child is ultimately gone to sleep. The mother now bids him good night in the golden night laden with stars. The stars are shining brightly in the sky producing a golden light. She then presses her hands gently on the child and hopes that he will have a sound sleep and pleasant dreams as well.

So, this was Cradle Song Stanza Wise Summary.

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