Dhanraj Pillay – The Star Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Dhanraj Pillay – The Star Questions & Answers.

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Dhanraj Pillay – The Star Questions & Answers

Question 1: Choose the correct option:

1. Dhanraj was born on __________.

(a) 15 April
(b) 15 October
(c) 15 July  

2. Elder brother of Dhanraj played

(a) hockey
(b) tennis
(c) cricket

3. Dhanraj was called Toofan for his

(a) playing speed
(b) running speed
(c) talking speed

4. Teachers loved him for his

(a) intelligency
(b) obedience
(c) hard working

Question 2: Fill in the blanks.

1. Dhanraj is a famous hockey player.
2. He was a thin boy.
3. His friends called him Dhan.
4. He used to play with broken sticks.
5. He was also called Toofan.

Question 3: Write True or false for the following statements:

1. Dhanraj is a famous cricket player – False
2. His elder brother’s name is Ramesh – True
3. Both the brothers were the life of Khadki – True
4. He was a weak student – False
5. He did not play in the nationals – False

Question 4: Where did Dhanraj do his schooling from? Was he a brilliant student?

Answer: Dhanjraj did his schooling from the Sugra Vilasi Sabha School in Khadki. He was not a brilliant student but he was very obedient and loved sports.  

Question 5: For which team did he play for, in 1987?

Answer: Dhanraj Pillai played for Mahinda and Mahindra in the 1987 Sanjay Gandhi Tournament.

Question 6: Why was Dhanraj called ‘Toofan’?

Answer: Dhanraj was called ‘Toofan’ for his wonderful speed of running on the ground like a bullet.

Question 7: Who requested him to join the Mahindra and Mahindra team?

Answer: Joaquim Carvalho requested Dhauraj Pillai to join Mahendra and Mahindra team.

Question 8: How did Dhanraj get his first chance to play in the Mumbai match?

Answer: Dhanraj’s elder brother Ramesh used to play hockey for a club in Mumbai. Once the club was falling short of one member in the team. Ramesh sent an urgent letter to Dhanraj to join the club as soon as possible. Though he played the match as a substitute player, his ability and enthusiasm got noticed by the coaches.

Question 9: The 1990s was a team of mega stars in Indian hockey team. Who are they?

Answer: Some of the hockey mega stars of 1990s are Pargat Singh, Dhanraj Pillai, Jude Felix, Mukesh Kumar, Jagbir Singh, Dilip Tirkey and Baljeet Singh Saini etc.

So, these were the Questions & Answers.

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