Earnestness Questions & Answers

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Earnestness Questions & Answers

Question 1: Fill in the blanks:


Today, the world is fast-paced and everyone wants to be successful quickly. We push others back in order to move forward in life. In our haste, we fail to understand the importance of sincere effort. In the olden days, people believed in honest hard work. In our mad rush, we are soon breathless and tired, having gained nothing. It is only people who acted with earnestness that are truly triumphant at the end.

Question 2: Choose the correct option.

1. Earnestness means

(a) eagerness
(b) speed
(c) efficiency

2. As we go about in this world, we

(a) push others back to go ahead
(b) wait for our turn to move forward
(c) we do not care for other’s success

3. In the poem, ‘impetuous haste’ means

(a) important moment
(b) to move quickly without thinking
(c) to move slowly and gracefully

4. Earlier, truly great people believed in

(a) making an earnest effort in their work
(b) making lots of money
(c) succeeding fast.

5. In the poem, ‘spent horde’ means

(a) an exhausted crowd of people
(b) money being spent by a horde of people
(c) a group of people who are sincere

Question 3: What does the phrase ‘hurry of the times’ mean? How does it affect us?

Answer: ‘Hurry of the times’ means time rolls on quickly without a pause. To cope up with the time we rush forward in a race to finish a work or achieve something.

Question 4: What do we not put a lot of importance on?

Answer: Generally, we do not put a lot of importance on earnestness or sincere effort that makes us victorious in any situation of our life.

Question 5: How can we ‘grasp the secret of success’?

Answer: We can grasp a secret of success if we are slow and steady and do each work with earnest spirit.

Question 6: What is the difference between people in the ‘receding age’ and now?

Answer: In the receding age, people believed in earnestness and did each work with dedication and sincerity whereas people now are in a haste to finish a work without laying importance on earnestness.

Question 7: Explain the line ‘Too earnest to be eager’. Write about the theme of the poem.

Answer: Man, today is trying to finish a work ahead of time. ln a hurry to achieve something, he forgets sincerity, dedication and earnestness. As a result, he gets exhausted, achieving nothing valuable in life. By the way, he gets distracted from God also as God likes only an honest soul. So, one who really wants to be triumphant should work with earnestness.

So, these were Earnestness Questions & Answers.

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