Fluff Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Fluff Questions & Answers.

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Fluff Questions & Answers

Question 1: Describe Fluff. Do you think his name suited him?

Answer: Fluff was a big dog who had a lovely furry coat. Yes, his name suited him.

Question 2: How did Fluff clean himself?

Answer: Fluff cleaned himself by scrubbing and combing his fur.

Question 3: Name four kinds of dogs.

Answer: The four kinds of dogs are:
Bloodhound, German shepherd, Doberman and Bull dog.

Question 4: Choose the correct option:

1. Who said: “Stop that noise!”

(a) guard
(b) Fluff
(c) mother

2. Why was Fluff angry and disappointed?

(a) The guard dog had stopped him.
(b) He was hungry
(c) He felt that he was the best dog and should get the bone.
(d) He was the best dog.

3. What did Fluff’s mother mean by saying, “Never give up, try again.”

(a) Never feel that you can’t do something. Go back and try again.
(b) Give everything to others.
(c) If you can’t do something don’t do it.
(d) If you can’t do something it is not your fault.

4. ‘No one can turn me away now.’ Why did Fluff think this?

(a) he was clean
(b) he was quiet
(c) he slept

Question 5: What did Fluff notice one day?

Answer: One day, Fluff noticed a big house. On the roof of the house, he saw a big bone. It had a large red bow tied around it. Next to it was a board. On it was written: “For the best dog in the world.”

Question 6: What did Fluff’s mother tell him?

Answer: Fluff’s mother told him to ask politely to open the gate.

Question 7: What did Fluff see on the spotless floor?

Answer: Fluff saw his muddy paw marks on the spotless floor.

Question 8: What did Fluff not forget to say when he took the bone?

Answer: Fluff did not forget to say “thank you” when he took the bone.

Question 9: Why did the guard dog call him an ill-mannered dog?

Answer: The guard dog called him an ill-mannered dog because he charged at the gate without taking permission.

Question 10: Why did the huge grey dog send Fluff away?

Answer: The huge grey dog sent Fluff away because he had made paw marks on the spotless floor.

Question 11: List down the changes you noticed in Fluff.

Answer: There were many changes in Fluff. He learnt to ask politely when he wanted something. He learnt to make himself clean by scrubbing and combing. Moreover, he learnt to say “than you” when he got something.

Question 12: Do you think, we should tease animals? Why/why not?

Answer: No, we should not tease animals because like us, animals are also living beings which can feel and sense emotions. Animals can become good friends with humans if treated well.

Question 13: Read and answer the questions:

“Never give up, try again.”

(a) Who said these words and to whom.

Answer: Fluff’s mother said these words to Fluff.

(b) Why were these words said?

Answer: This was said because Fluff has refused to go back to the house to get the bone.

(c) When were these words said?

Answer: This was said when the guard-dog had refused to let Fluff inside the house.

(d) What happens next?

Answer: Fluff went back and requested nicely for the bone.

Question 14: Do you think Fluff deserved the bone?

Answer: Yes, Fluff deserved the bone. He was clean and smart and he learnt to talk politely.

So, these were Fluff Questions & Answers.

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