Gorilla In The Guest Room Questions & Answers

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Gorilla In The Guest Room Questions & Answers

Question 1: Read and answer the questions:
The animal dealer met me and escorted me to a room in the animal shelter of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

(a) Who was escorted into the room?

Answer: The narrator who had come to pick up a baby gorilla was escorted into the room.

(b) Why was the baby kept in the RSPCA room?

Answer: The baby may have been rescued by the RSPCA and hence belonged to them.

(c) What developed soon after the meeting between man and ape?

Answer: A special bond of friendship developed between man and ape.

Question 2: Describe in your words the narrator’s first meeting with N’Pongo.

Answer: At the animal shelter of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the speaker met N’Pongo for the first time. He stood about eighteen inches high and was the most handsome and healthy-looking baby gorilla that the narrator had ever seen. He strolled towards him and then held up his arms to be lifted up. The speaker was amazed at how heavy the baby gorilla was for his size. He lay back in the narrator’s arms and studied him carefully with an unwinking stare, and then lifted a fat and gentle forefinger and examined the narrator’s beard. The narrator tickled his ribs and he wriggled about in his arms, giggling hoarsely, his eyes shining with amusement. The narrator handed him a banana which he accepted with little bear-like growling of pleasure, and ate very daintily.

Question 3: Read and answer the questions:
He lay back in my arms and studied me carefully with an unwinking stare, and then lifted a fat and gentle forefinger and examined my beard.

(a) Who does ‘He’ refer to?

Answer: ‘He’ refers to the baby gorilla N’Pongo.

(b) Why was he staring at the author?

Answer: The author had just got him from the animal shelter. He probably was trying to get familiar with the author.

(c) How did he impress the author?

Answer: The baby gorilla impressed the author with his soft and gentle behaviour.

Question 4: Why did the author think he might have to go back home empty handed?

Answer: The author was very keen to take back a gorilla from the animal shelter. When the animal dealer opened the door, the author could only see a couple of baby chimpanzees and there was no gorilla around. So, he thought he might have to go back home empty handed.

Gorilla In The Guest Room Questions & Answers

Question 5: How did N’Pongo become the favourite occupant of the zoo?

Answer: N’Pongo was a handsome and healthy-looking baby gorilla. He had soft chocolate coloured fur. Overall, he had a very attractive appearance. Besides, he had good manners, a sweet nature and a great sense of humour. It was no wonder then that he became the most sought-after occupant of the zoo.

Question 6: Describe the family’s reaction to the gorilla.

Answer: The courteous and gentle behaviour of the baby gorilla won over the narrator’s wife and mother and soon they pampered him with delicacies.

Question 7: How N’Pongo explored the guest room?

Answer: In the guest room, N’Pongo first lay on the sofa for a while. When he got bored with lying on the sofa, he decided to make a circuit of the room to examine anything of interest. So, he walked around slowly like a professor in a museum, pausing now and then to look at a picture, to stroke an ornament, but doing it so gently that there was never any danger that he would break anything.

Question 8: Why did the author keep a watch on N’Pongo in the guest room? How did the ape behave there?

Answer: The author had to accommodate N’Pongo in his guest room for two days as N’Pongo’s cage in the zoo wasn’t ready. His wife and his mother took to the gorilla immediately because of his courteous and pleasant behaviour. However, the author did not want to take any chance as he had had a bitter experience earlier while keeping a chimpanzee in the house. So, he kept a close on N’Pongo. But much to the author’s pleasant surprise, N’Pongo was suave and gracious and walked elegantly, observing everything in the room like a professor would do in a museum. The author was totally captivated by this well-behaved baby gorilla.

Question 9: What traces of his presence did N’Pongo leave in the guest room?

Answer: N’Pongo was a civilised and a well-behaved ape and the author was greatly impressed with him. But as he was a baby, perfect behaviour could not be expected of him. So, the guest room did look like it had hosted a naughty visitor. The wall of the room had designs in red, resembling the map of Japan as N’Pongo had thrown raspberry juice on the wall. The handle of the door was bent in an odd way, which could be because of N’Pongo’s attempt to get out of the room. These were some of the noticeable traces of N’Pongo’s presence in the room.

Gorilla In The Guest Room Questions & Answers

Question 10: Why the door handle was bent at an odd angle?

Answer: The handle on the door was bent in an odd way since N’Pongo, after receiving his meal, had attempted to follow the narrator out of the room. Knowing that the handle, by some magical means, opened and closed the door, but not knowing exactly how to turn it, he had merely pulled it downwards with all his strength. And, despite being just two years old, he had more strength than an adult human being.

Question 11: How N’Pongo behaved when visitors tried to take pictures of him?

Answer: When visitors tried to take pictures of N’Pongo, he would either loll in the grass with a bored expression on his face, or else, with a wicked gleam in his eye, he would pose for the picture. He would then rush forward at the crucial moment, grasp the unfortunate person’s leg and push it from under him – a task that gave him immense amusement and generally resulted in the visitor sustaining a slipped disc or having an excellent picture of a completely empty section of lawn.

Question 12: How would you explain the deep bond the author and N’Pongo shared?

Answer: One needs to have a lot of love for animals and a sense of responsibility and commitment to bond with animals and give them a secure life. This could be seen clearly in the author’s interaction with N’Pongo. The author developed a feeling of love and a sense of admiration for N’Pongo. The baby gorilla also seemed to take an immediate liking to the author and showed his love for the author in many different ways. The author was very proud of the baby and admired him like a father would admire his son. He trusted the little gorilla enough to accommodate him in his guest room. The ape too was well-mannered and won the love of the author’s wife and mother as well. Thus, both the author and N’Pongo developed a strong bond.

Question 13: What examples can you find in the text to show that N’Pongo, though a baby, was huge and strong?

Answer: N’Pongo was eighteen inches tall and had solid bones and muscle, even at the age of two. The author could estimate that N’Pongo’s was heavy for his age. N’Pongo could bend the handle of the door such that even the author could not rectify it. He could push an unsuspecting adult visitor down, resulting in his suffering a slip disc.

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