How To Find IP Address

Hi Everybody!! Today, I am going to share the methods to Find IP Address. IP stands for Internet Protocol and it is the address that shows your device’s location on the Internet.

There are two types of IP address which are public and private.

The public IP address is a four-number string in case of most people and unless you have moved to IPv6 which is the way your device can be located on Internet. Without such an address, communications over the Internet via your device could be impossible. On the grounds of this, the global internet works with web pages.

Your private IP address will identify your device on local network instead of the Internet. It is the address which enables your computer to interact with other devices connected to your router.

So, let’s see the steps to Find IP Address across the four platforms: Windows, macOS and Chrome OS

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How To Find IP Address on Every Platform (Public IP Address)

Method 1

The simplest way is to open your web browser and go to the following website: and as the name suggests, it will tell your IP address.

Look at the top line in the tiny grey box shown to you by the website where it says that ‘Your Public IPv4 is:’. These numbers with a period between them is your public IP address.

Method 2

If you have used the five-time lookup limit of the above website then you can use this website to check your IP address.

Method 3

You can also take the help of Google by searching ‘what is my IP’ and it will tell your public IP address.

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How To Find IP Address (Private IP Address)

On Windows

To find the Private IP of your device on Windows 10, open Command Prompt. To do this on Windows 10, simply type cmd in the search box next to Start button on the taskbar. You will see the Command Prompt and click on it. Run the same search on other versions in the search box.

Once you have opened command prompt, type in following and hit enter:


Your IP Address will be shown under IPv4 Address.

On macOS

Click on the Apple Logo and go to System Preferences. Then, just click on Network.

Now, select your device is connected with and look under Status on the right side where you will see your Private IP address.

On Chrome OS

Click Launcher on the bottom-left of the desktop, type settings and click on Settings which comes up. Under Network click on your active network. Under ‘Known Networks’ click again on active network. Then you will see the options related to the network including your Private IP Address.

So, these were some methods to Find IP Address on your platform. If you found this post informative then, please share it with your friends/colleagues. If you have any queries/suggestions regarding the post, please comment in the comment box below.

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