I Am Colin Questions & Answers

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I Am Colin Questions & Answers

Question 1: What awakened Mary? Why couldn’t she go back to sleep?

Answer: Mary was awakened in the night by the sound of rain beating against the window of her room. She could not go back to sleep because the wind made a sad sound.

Question 2: What aroused Mary’s curiosity? What did she decide to do?

Answer: Mary heard a faint sound of someone crying from down the corridor. She had heard the sound earlier too. This aroused Mary’s curiosity and she decided to find out who was making that sound.

Question 3: Describe the room in which Mary found herself.

Answer: The room that Mary entered was big. It had old, handsome furniture. A faint fire glowed in the fireplace and a night light burned by the side of bed. A boy was lying on the bed and was crying.

Question 4: Who was the boy? Why had no one told him about Mary?

Answer: The boy’s name was Colin. He was Mr Craven’s son. No one told him about Mary because he was always ill and had to be in bed. He didn’t want to meet people and his father did not let anyone talk about him.

Question 5: What had the doctor from London advised?

Answer: The doctor from London had advised that Colin should be taken out in fresh air.

Question 6: Why was Colin excited to hear about the locked garden?

Answer: Mary told Colin that the garden was locked by Mr Craven and the key was buried by him. No one knew where the key was buried. The idea of the locked and a hidden garden aroused Colin’s curiosity.

Question 7: What questions did he ask Mary about the garden?

Answer: Colin asked a number of questions about the garden. He asked where the garden was, if Mary had looked for the door and if she had asked the gardeners about the garden.

Question 8: What did he decide to do regarding the garden?

Answer: Colin decided to see that garden. He said that he would make the gardeners open the garden and take him there in his chair.

Question 9: How did Mary persuade him to change his mind? Why did she do so?

Answer: Mary wanted the garden to reman a secret, a place where she could be alone. She persuaded him to change his mind by telling him that the garden could be their own secret that no one else would know about. They could play there and watch the roses grow. She said she would find a way to get in and then take him there in his chair.

Question 10: Read the lines and answer the questions:

‘The corridor looked very long and dark, but she was too excited to mind that. She went on with her dim light, her heart beating so loud that she fancied she could hear it.’

(a) Who is ‘she’ in these lines?

Answer: ‘She’ is Mary Lennox, a little girl who had come to stay with her uncle, Mr Craven, in his house.

(b) Why did she not mind that the corridor looked long and dark?

Answer: Mary was excited. So, she did not mind that the corridor looked long and dark.

(c) Where was she going?

Answer: Mary was going to find out where the sound of crying was coming from.

(d) Explain the meaning of the expression – heart was beating so loud.

Answer: The expression shows that Mary was excited, nervous and afraid at the same time.

Question 11: Read the lines and answer the questions:

“I should-like-that,” he said very slowly. “I should like that very much. I should not mind fresh air in a secret garden. And maybe I shan’t be ill all the time.”

(a) Why did the boy speak slowly?

Answer: The boy spoke slowly because he was not too well.

(b) What had he been told just before he said this?

Answer: Mary had just told him that she would find a way to enter the secret garden and take him there on his chair.

(c) What does he mean by ‘I should like that very much’?

Answer: Colin meant that he would like to be taken to the garden.

(d) Explain the significance of the last two sentences.

Answer: Colin had been ill and confined to his room for a very long time. He did not like to be moved or meet people. But the thought of going to the secret garden with Mary excited him. He felt that the fresh air of the garden would probably make him feel better.

So, these were I Am Colin Questions & Answers.

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