Idgah Questions & Answers

Hi Everyone!! This article will share Idgah Questions & Answers.

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Idgah Questions & Answers

Question 1: Complete the following sentences:

1. The village was agog with excitement because it was Id and people were getting ready to go to the Idgah.

2. Amina felt a tightening around her heart because her little grandson had no one to accompany him, no shoes and no money.

3. Hamid did not ride on wooden horses and camels suspended on rods because he could not waste one-third of his treasure on an ordinary ride.

4. A pair of tongs caught his attention and it was NOT because

(a) his grandmother did not have one and if he bought these tongs, she’d be happy.
(b) each time she made chapatti, she burnt her fingers.
(c) it’d be a useful item in the house.
(d) he could put it on his shoulders like a gun.

5. Each of the boys began to strike a deal with Hamid because they realized that Hamid’s buy was the best.

6. The old woman’s temper changed into love because she realized that Hamid had a big heart and great concern for his grandmother.

Question 2: What does ‘protective arms’ mean?

Answer: Protective arms means showing affection and care to someone you love by holding them in your arms.

Question 3: Compare what Hamid did at the fair with what his friends did.

Answer: Hamid’s friends, Mehmood, Mohsin, Nooray and Sammi rode on the camels and horses but Hamid stood at some distance. He could not waste the little money he had on an ordinary ride. Then, the children bought clay toys but Hamid looked at them with longing. After the toys, it was sweets but Hamid remained aloof. While his friends spent their money on eatables and recreation, but Hamid bought a pair of tongs for his grandmother.

Question 4: Give the reason why the author says this: ‘The old woman Amina became Amina the little girl. Hamid the child was playing the role of Hamid the old man.’

Answer: When Hamid brought a pair of tongs for her, Amina felt very happy about Hamid’s considerate nature and she felt like a child. Hamid, on the other hand, showed the maturity of a grown-up in buying a pair of tongs for his grandmother.

So, these were Idgah Questions & Answers.

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