Everything For The Best Questions & Answers

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Everything For The Best Questions & Answers

Question 1: What made the kingdom prosperous?

Answer: Pratap Singh’s kingdom was prosperous because caravan loads brought daily wealth into his capital and his kingdom was well-administered by his ministers.

Question 2: How did Pratap Singh explain the ills of famine, epidemic and wars?

Answer: Pratap Singh explained the ills of famine, epidemic, wars and such burdens ennoble man’s nature and teach him wisdom, so bringing mankind slowly towards perfection.

Question 3: What mishap occurred when the king was on his hunting expedition?

Answer: On his hunting expedition, the king pursued a deer in the forest and was lost in the jungle. He was feeling thirsty and hungry. He began to look for water. At some distance, he discovered a solitary wood apple. When the king tried to cut the apple, suddenly, the sword slipped from his hand and cut off his finger.

Question 4: Why was the king angry with the advisor?

Answer: The king’s advisor remarked that his severed finger might be a blessing in disguise. He said that something good was going to come out of this apparent tragic incident. The king couldn’t comprehend how his minister could be so insensitive and, in his fury, ordered Pratap Singh out of his sight.

Question 5: Who made the king a prisoner? Why?

Answer: The tribesmen of the jungle made the king a prisoner because it was the last day of their great annual festival and they were seeking a sacrificial victim for the tiger goddess.

Question 6: Why did the tribal chief send for the priest?

Answer: As was the custom, the tribal priest had to approve of all offerings to the deity. It was his duty to see that each offering was perfect in all respects. So, the tribal chief sent for the priest.

Question 7: Why did the priest reject the prisoner as an offering to their deity?

Answer: After wild dancing, the final sacrificial preparation began with the smearing of red and yellow powder over the victim’s forehead, feet and hands. However, it was during the anointing of the body, that the old priest noticed that something was amiss. One of the fingers on the king’s left hand was missing. The body was imperfect, and so it was rejected as offering to the deity.

Question 8: How was the advisor’s misfortune proved to be his luck?

Answer: If Pratap Singh had known of the king’s peril, he would have come to the king’s aid. The tribesmen would have made him a substitute victim. So, everything was for the best, after all.

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